A big THANK YOU from Standex Engraving Group to be one solutions China

30 October 2017

Mold-Tech/Standex Engraving Group China thanks be one solutions China for extraordinary service and great results | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

“Exquisite Technique, Courteous Service”!

Just recently, James Gao (CFO at Mold-Tech/Standex Engraving Group China) and Huag Wei (Project Manager at Mold-Tech/Standex Engraving Group China) showed David Zhu (General Manager China at be one solutions China) and Mike Zhou (SAP Business One® Senior Consultant at be one solutions China) a great gesture of appreciation.  Mr. Gao and Mr. Wei thanked David and Mike along with the entire Chinese be one solutions’ team for the fruitful partnership and presented them with a nice banner that has 8 Chinese characters right in the middle meaning “Exquisite Technique, Courteous Service”.

That truly is a bold statement and it even has a greater meaning when you take into consideration that the initial challenge for this project was to handle 6 Chinese sites in total, 2 big ones and 4 small ones. By the way, the big sites are the most complex sites in the client’s current ecosystem. So what was done is that the go-live plan was broken down into 3 phases: The most complex site in Suzhou was planned to go live in phase #1, the 2 smaller sites close to Suzhou were planned to take off in phase #2 and the remaining 3 sites were planned for phase #3. The entire project took 8 months – today we are all smiling – both Standex & be one solutions, holding up a nice little banner that reads a firsthand customer testimonial. It says it right there, gold on red: be one solutions China is your number one got-to spot for SAB Business One® rollouts. We are all about being a “one face to the customer”, your single point of contact in China, in APAC, as a matter of fact, anywhere you want to go in the world!

David Zhu of be one solutions China pointed out the key factor for success as follows: “Standex China and be one solutions China worked perfectly hand in hand – that is the reason why we have such great results. Thank you first and foremost to the project team over at Standex, especially to Mr. Huang Wei and Mr. James Gao, who extraordinarily managed everything across 6 sites. Without the fantastic relation and these guys on the other end, this all wouldn’t have been possible!”

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