BASF talks SAP Business One® and be one solutions

08 June 2017

BASF live on stage talking about SAP Business One and be one solutions | #SAPBusinessOne

BASF live on stage at SAPPHIRE NOW reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of a two-tier ERP strategy

Some time ago we announced the successful go-live of BASF | Watson Bowman Acme in the US (click >>HERE). Following these initial activities, we went live with yet another site for this well-known chemical giant – this time in Tanzania, Africa. And we are extremely proud to say that the folks at BASF understand that we are well experienced in a multitude of tough markets and that we can help them with smooth and hassle free rollouts of SAP Business One® around the globe. So what exactly are the challenges and opportunities of a two-tier ERP strategy – why not hear from BASF themselves. Take a look.

We just wanted to use this chance to give a big thanks to Vince, for taking the time to represent SAP Business One® and be one solutions as BASF’s preferred SAP Business One® partner out there in Orlando. We are very much looking forward to our continued cooperation!

Vincent Weisnoski from BASF and Alex Wick from be one solutions | #SAPBusinessOne

By the way, we’d be more than glad to tell you all about how large enterprises like BASF, MAN (Volkswagen) & Mitsubishi Fuso (Daimler) handle their business simple and more efficient around the planet with SAP Business One®. Drop us a line at and we’ll give you the rundown on how to best align, standardize & integrate real-time data in your multinational organization.

Pictured from left to right: Vince Weisnoski (Manager Business Processes at BASF) & Alex Wick (SAP Business One® Sales & Account Manager at be one solutions) waving the SAP Business One flag at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.
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