be one solutions And SAP® On A Roll In Germany

24 February 2017

be one solutions and SAP on a roll in Germany | #SAPBusinessOne

Cherishing our great partnership in 2016 & targeting even more ambitious goals for 2017!

be one solutions is extremely proud of our phenomenal relationship with SAP all over the world. Of course, this is a very important fact for our existing customers as well as potentials. Think of it like this, SAP Business One® is the engine, be one solutions is the fuel and the motor oil. The engine can’t run without those vital liquids and the liquids are useless without the engine indeed. Together with the global SAP Business One® team we make our vehicle move, now and in the future. Our combined success is based on the fact that we work hand in hand in order to reach our goals and ensure that the ones we serve run a lot smoother and efficient with what we consider the most powerful, yet super simple solution for small & medium businesses. You know, we could just point out each and every one of those highly motivated professionals at SAP that stand by our side, push, support and back us up day in and day out. However and even though we greatly appreciate every single name here, it would blow this particular article out of proportion. So, for the time being, let’s concentrate on one region – Germany – and give you some further insights based on this example.

Alexander Marsch (Business Development Manager SAP Business One® at SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG) and Hans-Ulrich Blumenthal (Partner Account Manager at SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG) actually just got together with Uzi Halfon (Founder & CEO at be one solutions) and Alex Wick (SAP Business One® Sales & Account Manager | DACH) at the be one solutions office in Stuttgart/Germany last week. The reason for this meeting was to recap 2016, but also to brainstorm and kick off activities for 2017. To say the least, we had planned this to last about two hours – we ended up spending double that time.  By the way, you can tell by looking at the picture above, even after 4 hours packed with facts and info, all faces were still smiling and there were great vibes, energy and motivation. Why is that so? Well, we were able to present some impressive numbers we put up last year. Together we managed to pick up a couple of well-known brands – mostly large, multinational enterprises that resulted in a significant increase of license revenue. As a matter of fact, the net income to SAP Germany we generated in 2016 went up by well over 70% compared to 2015. Let’s not neglect the reference factor. It is clear, in our business, actions speak way louder than words. If the likes of MAN Diesel & Turbo or BASF choose for be one solutions as their preferred global implementation partner, this sends a strong Signal in regards to SAP, the product and be one solutions as a trustworthy and well experienced supplier in this field.

Speaking of outstanding references, those will go to work for us all from here on out and help putting brick after brick onto our past successes. Even more so, if we are able to spread the word in the ideal way. Of course, that means marketing – another big topic we discussed in Stuttgart. Without disclosing too much of the strategy, you can expect to see be one solutions more and more as you scroll through your social media feeds. There will be video success stories with some of the largest accounts in the SAP Business One® world, we are planning a complete relaunch of our online presence and you can certainly spot us at a number of high profile industry events, not only in Germany but on a global scale.

In a nutshell, 2016 was impressive and the outlook for 2017 is even brighter. Together with Alex and Hans-Ulrich, we have formulated some ambitious goals for 2017. And you know what, this is exactly what we at be one solutions are all about. We won’t rest until we make it and then we copy and paste. Again, we couldn’t do it without our dear friends at SAP. It might sound a little corny but it is what it is. Let’s call it friendship rather than a mere business relation. And it all boils down to the fact that we are in a people’s business, even though we deal with those famous digits 0 and 1. After all, we are looking to grow at least another 50% with be one solutions Deutschland GmbH. And we will succeed for sure. Thanks Alex and Hans-Ulrich, thank you SAP – we truly cherish our great partnership. We sincerely trust, together we’ll be on a roll for a long time to come!

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