be one solutions Announces BASF | Watson Bowman Acme Go Live In US

03 April 2017

BASF Watson Bowman Acme Go Live | #SAPBusinessOne

BASF creates chemistry – we help them do it simpler with SAP Business One®!

Watson Bowman Acme is a BASF Construction Chemicals company with 120+ dedicated employees working to service customers throughout North America.  When it comes to their new ERP set up, be one solutions has helped Watson Bowman Acme with a number of challenges. As a result, we are delighted to announce the successful go live of SAP Business One® at their Buffalo, NY site.

We spoke to Ran Feiwisch, our responsible Project Manager & Senior SAP Business One® consultant to get a summary of the highlights of working with Watson Bowman Acme, some of the core objectives, initial challenges and the solutions that we provided to them:


  1. Building a project team that is capable of sophisticated first level support

To start out with, we helped building a dedicated internal team at Watson Bowman Acme, that was in the lead in terms of documenting the system requirements and analyzing the relevant business processes. The team members consisted of the respective heads of all relevant departments (Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Manufacturing & Engineering) that were able to provide a deep insight into the business and its needs. This team was an integral part of testing the solution, documenting work instruction and train end users. As a result, there is now a group of experts in place that is well-trained, highly experienced and in perfect shape to act as first-level support for the entire organization.

  1. Ensuring a one of a kind Project Management attitude

BASF | Watson Bowman Acme has put in place a full time project manager to control budget, time and deliverables. Usually PM’s focus on pushing and negotiating with the vendor. In this case, the PM vitally contributed in setting up the right priorities, allocating internal and external resources, scheduling, budget management and many further points required. The great level of our collaboration truly was one of the success factors of the project.

  1. Overcoming challenges with architecture

One of the challenges of this project was the fact that the application server was based on Citrix. This resulted in a number of challenges when it came to installations, configuration of printers, as well as UI resolution. We were able to overcome all these challenges and provide a smooth way forward.

  1. Customization in order to develop easiness

be one solutions was asked to provide customizations in the area of packaging, manufacturing and customer relation. In Packaging, we took SAP Business One®’s packing slip process one step further by improving the process in order to print more qualitative shipping documents. For Customer Relations, we developed an on-demand web-service that checks the customers’ integrity. Last but not least for Manufacturing, we created a tool that controls batch managed row material consumed by a work order. This process used to be Sisyphean and consumed a lot of time – now it is a matter of seconds. This particular development brought a lot of value and satisfaction to BASF | Watson Bowman Acme.

  1. Pro-active and creative handling of reports

BASF as a group is a learning organization which is very BI oriented. The amount of reports we were asked to deliver was exceptional. Yet, we were able to design, develop and deliver an extensive amount of very complicated reports thanks to our pro-active and creative approach.


Those points stated above and many little more minor efforts on both sides recently resulted in some great news: BASF | Watson Bowman Acme is live and running on SAP Business One®. We at be one solutions are proud of what we have accomplished together – proud of this success. Thanks to everyone at BASF | Watson Bowman Acme and a big “thank you” to our global team of SAP Business One® experts.

To find out more about BASF | Watson Bowman Acme click >>HERE

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