be one solutions Announces New Regional Manager EMEA

31 May 2017

be one solutions welcomes Arnaud Viviant as new Regional Manager (EMEA) | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

Welcome Arnaud!

Tremendous growth and a stable quality often times don’t go hand in hand. Especially if growth knows no boundaries and projects have to be supported simultaneously across different regions around the planet. We at be one solutions are proud of our organic growth and so far, many tasks could be handled highly effectively due to the superb team spirit we have in our organization. However time has come to make another significant move in order to coordinate and optimize our global activities broken down into three core regions: Americas, APAC & EMEA. It’s a fact, both Mario Rui Candido (Regional Manager Americas) and Olli Kylanpaa (Regional Manager APAC) have pushed us way further than just to the next level since they got on board. And even though we have been extremely successful in the EMEA region so far, now is the time to put a spearhead in place there as well. Ladies & Gents, please join us in welcoming Arnaud Viviant – a true heavyweight SAP Business One® expert with vast experience to develop the region as a charismatic leader, with immediate payback for everybody that chooses to work with us.

Who is Arnaud Viviant?

Arnaud has been deployed as Regional Manager EMEA. He will be in charge of Business Development, Regional Team Management, Project Delivery, as well as Customer & SAP Relationship Management. He holds a Master 1 Degree in Economics & Management as well as a Master 2 Degree in Management & Touristic Engineering. Arnaud’s impressive background of almost two decades in the ERP field equipped him with extraordinary experience with SAP Business One® and other SAP products such as ECC6 or CONCUR. In the past, he held various high profile positions as Project & Solution leader where he managed a total of 70+ projects in over 30 countries – 60 of these were SAP Business One® projects.

Arnaud started his career back in 2000 at a company that develops ERP’s. Back then he gained his initial hands on experience while working for 9 large scale projects in Europe. He started dealing with SAP Business One® in 2004, which puts him at 13 years of experience with the system. In the early days he was a Junior Consultant, then Project Manager for two major accounts – L’OREAL & SEB. After 7 years of consulting, he moved over to the customer side. While employed at Group ROULLIER he was then in charge of SAP Business One® for their agrochemical division and successfully implemented the solution in 14 entities around the world – in 3 years!

His most recent move brought him to SUEZ, a 15.3 billion Euro enterprise. At SUEZ he was in charge of all aspects of SAP Business One® during a global rollout effort, e.g. Project & Team Management, Budget, Post Go-Live support, and many others. Being a key figure in this, Arnaud is leaving his last employer with an amazing count of 37 rolled out sites in 24 countries.

Arnaud is extremely excited to join be one solutions. He says: “I am really impressed by be one solutions’ accomplishments over the years and the quality of the global team! I am very sure I can become a key player in the consolidation and expansion of the company – 120% positive that we will build a nice future together!”

We have said this time and time again when new staff is joining us, yet never before did it seem so obvious: The combination of Arnaud overseeing EMEA plus the regional team he will lead are perfectly matching our world-spanning strategy and we are absolutely confident this will bring significant success in the near future. Once again, welcome Arnaud, we are proud welcoming such a versatile global SAP Business One® rollout expert!

be one solutions invites you to connect with Arnaud on LinkedIn

Arnaud is based in Paris and lives there with a beautiful wife and her 8 year old son. He keeps fit with running and snowboarding and also enjoys contemporary art, street art and history. Arnaud speaks French, English and some German – please get in touch with him, he will gladly answer your questions related to SAP Business One® and be one solutions, of course.

We welcome you to connect with Arnaud on LinkedIn: Click >>HERE

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