be one solutions Further Expands Activities In Switzerland

30 April 2017

be one solutions increases activities in switzerland | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions

Back from SAP Forum Basel 2017 – swiss export tag 2017 attendance & swiss export journal feature next!

We certainly had a successful exhibition at SAP Forum Basel 2017 in April. We experienced an impressive and exclusive event with an attendance of 750+ clients grasping the latest word from within the SAP world. Same as with the SAP SMB Innovation Summits, be one solutions is actively participating in a number of SAP Forums around the globe. Indeed, we try to use as many chances as possible to stay up-to-date regarding the SAP ecosystem and connect with existing customers and potential ones.

While many opportunities are still developing through our time in Basel on April 4 & 5, we are happy to say that we are already harvesting the initial fruits of our increased presence in Switzerland. One good example is a productive chat with swiss export out there. “Verband swiss export” is an organization that helps Swiss companies with all challenges when it comes to operating abroad. In layman’s terms swiss export and be one solutions share philosophies: Helping Swiss based clients with their business around the globe. How? Let us give you the inside scoop at swiss export tag 2017!

swiss export tag 2017 | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions

Meet Rainer Vischer (Founder & VP, be one solutions) & Alex Wick (SAP Business One® Sales & Account Manager DACH, be one solutions) at swiss export tag 2017 in Ibach-Schwyz. Drop Alex a line >>click HERE if you want to know more and be sure to check out the event site >>click HERE.

Last but not least, we are proud to announce that we will be featured in the upcoming issue of swiss export journal. In this quarterly publication, we’ll present a successful case of a Swiss based headquarter that runs simple & powerful on SAP Business One® in its foreign subsidiaries. swiss export journal will be published on June 30, 2017 – stay tuned for details via our social media channels!

be one solutions’ heart is Swiss – our headquarter is in Zug. We are truly proud of our great ongoing relationships with our Swiss based clients and we are excited to continue working hand in hand with SAP Switzerland in order to expand our global success with an increased focus on this region.

HEADER IMAGE (right to left): Vicky Mavraki (Channel Development Manager, SAP Switzerland AG), Rainer Vischer (Founder & VP, be one solutions) & Alex Wick (SAP Business One® Sales & Account Manager DACH, be one solutions)
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