be one solutions Grew Again in August & September

20 October 2017

NEW Staff for be one solutions in August & September | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

Welcome to 5 exceptional new staff members!

J. Paul Getty, the renowned American industrialist, once said: “The employer generally gets the employees he deserves”. So, looking at a great team of 100+ SAP Business One® experts and seeing the successful efforts of our people around the globe, we cannot help but feeling blessed & proud. After all, our mission is to grow for and with our clients – not just grow, but we aim to provide the most exceptional professionals for you to communicate and work with. Many have experienced that already, after they chose be one solutions and put their trust in our global rollout expertise and the individuals behind it.

Here are five such fine employees that just recently joined us:

Carmen Baldassar (Finance Management & Project Manager | Switzerland)

Sergio Lopes (Developer | Portugal)

Klaus Steinkellner (SAP Business One® Consultant | Austria)

Eric Scheepers (Sales Manager Nordics | Netherlands)

Annie Ho (Regional Sales Manager (APAC) | Singapore)

Indeed, be one solutions grew again, we have further expanded our resources and capabilities in many areas and all over the world. By the way, if you want more details on our new starters, check out their individual profiles right >>HERE.


be one solutions invites you to connect with our new staff on LinkedIn

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our 5 new team members – they will gladly answer all your questions and support you with any request you have!

Connect with Carmen (Finance Management & Project Manager | Switzerland) on LinkedIn: Click >>HERE

Connect with Sergio (Developer | Portugal) on LinkedIn: Click >>HERE

Connect with Klaus (SAP Business One® Consultant | Austria) on LinkedIn: Click >>HERE

Connect with Eric (Sales Manager Nordics |Netherlands) on LinkedIn: Click >>HERE

Connect with Annie (Regional Sales Manager (APAC) | Singapore) on LinkedIn: Click >>HERE

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