be one solutions Kicks Off SAP SMB Innovation Summit Series In Macao

15 March 2017

SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2017 | APJ and Greater China Macao | #SAPBusinessOne

Here is a quick recap of a very productive SAP Business One® family get together in Macao last week!

On March 6-8 we got to see “the future come alive” during the first of 3 SAP SMB Innovation Summits at the Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel. And what a remarkable kick-off event this was indeed. Keep in mind these summits are a top-priority happening for SAP Business One® – it goes without saying that be one solutions as the global SAP Business One® rollout experts needs to be there and square. Not only to grasp the latest updates and to get first hand insights into the roadmap of SAP Business One®, but also to meet with clients, potentials and network with some of the greatest influencers in our industry, fellow partners and SAP. Just in case you didn’t make it to Macao, you really should next year. Let us tease you a little – here are some impressions from last week >>CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PICTURE GALLERY!

In terms of attendance, the SAP SMB Innovation Summit in Macao was truly a record breaking start to the 2017 summit series. Actually, we broke our own record as well – we were 6 strong on the event floor. And certainly the icing on the cake – SAP invited our Founder & CEO, Uzi Halfon to the stage in order to talk about some of our great successes with large, multinational enterprise clients that run on SAP Business One®. SAP Business One® standard that is. It is true, we can show you those amazing examples – drop us a quick line (, we’d certainly love to chat with you about it personally!

Last but not least, these events also mean bringing some of our worldwide staff together face-to-face and building chemistry that will ricochet very positively to the ones we serve in the respective region as well as around the globe. By the way, the be one solutions Macao summit team consisted of Uzi Halfon (Founder & CEO), Olli Kylanpaa (Regional Director APAC), David Zhu (General Manager China), Gen Okazaki (Country Manager Japan), Ayako Matsukage (Sales Manager Japan), Iswandi Hamli (Country Manager Singapore) & Bo Peng (Global Development Leader). All of those are back at the table meanwhile, ready to convert the info that was shared, inspired and motivated to follow up with many of those we met out there. Did we say all are back? Everyone with the exception of Uzi, who continued straight over to Germany to attend the second SAP SMB Innovation Summit in Berlin. Keep it locked on our social media channels – we got a big article with our very own event video coming up for the second SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2017 (MEE + EMEA) very soon!

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