be one solutions’ SAP Business One® Aces in Mexico

26 October 2017

Our 7 Mexican SAP Business One Aces | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

Resources, experience & capabilities form a true powerhouse in the Americas!

Ciudad de Mexico – or Mexico City as others refer to it. No matter what you call it, just remember be one solutions is there. We are situated on the 14th floor of the well-known Torre Punta Reforma, right in the heart of this gigantic city. Think about the potential of a place that is said to be the “largest metropolitan area of the Western Hemisphere, the tenth-largest agglomeration, and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world.”*

As previously announced >>clickHERE<<, be one solutions is in full operations in Mexico. By the way, the 200+ meter tall office building we are in is one of the most modern skyscrapers in Latin America, with an obvious touch of futuristic design. What a great match, as our own mission is extremely future oriented as well. With 7 great SAP Business One® experts on the ground in Mexico, we have all the resources and experience under one roof & in your neighborhood. And for all global requirements – we have the necessary capabilities to cover you inbound or outbound. You can fully rely on our trusted SAP Business One® rollout expertise. In Mexico, all of the Americas and elsewhere!

Meet the team!

be one solutions is holding a strong hand out there in Mexico City indeed – 7 SAP Business One® aces are on standby to serve you all the way to a happy face after each successful go-live. Drop us a line >>clickHERE<< and make sure to visit our Spanish Website for further details >>clickHERE<< …and now, please meet our fine team of Mexican SAP Business One® experts:

Introducing the be one solutions Mexico staff | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

  • Raúl Vicente Hernández Reyes | Country Manager Mexico
  • Luis Alberto Vázquez Luna | SAP Business One® Developer
  • Yolanda Donaji De la Paz Toledo | Project Manager
  • Berenice Nenef Morales Garduño | SAP Business One® Consultant
  • María del Carmen González Pérez| Sales and Marketing
  • Cristian Alan Oregel Pelaez | SAP Business One® Developer
  • Jaime Valdez Jiménez | SAP Business One® Developer
*Source: Wikipedia
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be one solutions is a global SAP partner specializing in two-tier ERP strategies, world- spanning blueprints, implementations and support for SAP Business One®. Our well-rounded solution for large enterprises and small subsidiaries includes core SAP Business One®, specialized functional add-ons, integration to/from mySAP/ECC and other systems, and country-specific add-ons (legal & local requirements). We have delivered successful implementations in 52+ countries and 200+ sites, guarantying a reputation as a proven and trusted leader in the market. With legal entities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Hong-Kong, Japan, China, Brazil, USA, Sweden, Singapore, Mexico and a number of further regional offices, we have a solid base in 20 locations around the world. Thus, we are strategically positioned to support all global SAP Business One® rollout requirements.

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