be one solutions Stamps Footprint on SEA Following Office Grand Opening in Singapore

08 December 2017

be one solutions is in Singapore! | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

Heading into the New Year at a brand new office in APAC!

To say that be one solutions has been steadily growing in Asia Pacific would be an understatement. The company has had an enormous growth throughout the Asian Pacific regions in the recent years. Olli Kylanpaa (Regional Director APAC) along with a strong team behind him, has boosted our reputation as SAP Business One® experts not only within Asian regions but subsequently around the globe. With the company’s 21st century approach to doing business, it has proven that the world really isn’t as big as it seems, thus having hub in Southeast Asia will only bring closer ties between APAC, Europe, the Americas and our other locations around the world.

The new Singapore office proudly sits Iswandi Hamli (Country Manager, Singapore), Annie Ho (Regional Sales Manager), Yong Chai Yen (Project Manager & Senior SAP Business One® Consultant), Dolly Ling (Administration Manager APAC) and Emelda Then (Global Marketing Assistant). Check out some impressions right >>HERE!

Eyal Razon (COO at be one solutions) is “really expecting a huge growth in APAC sales in the near future.” For Eyal, witnessing this grand opening was remarkable, “because [employees] see other companies around [them] in action.” With people moving around and going about their work day in the busy business district that the office set in, “it brings a lot of good and motivational energy to the table.” And he adds that having a place to meet face-to-face is very underrated and valuable especially within our industry.

The debut of this office is incredibly significant because it represents a market presence and growth not only in Singapore but in SEA and the rest of APAC. Moreover, “it shows SAP the commitment we have to the Singapore market,” says Olli Kylanpaa. Of course, on a lighter note, it was also time for the foodies that Singaporeans are “to finally have a place for lunch,” exclaims Annie Ho.

When asked about how having a physical location would make a difference for the company, Eyal notes (with everyone in accordance) “that when you can look at your colleagues and customers in person, it makes everything a lot more personal and professional—people take you more seriously as they can see your progress with their own eyes,” it’s tangible.

With a fully operational legal entity in the beautiful green island city-state, Singapore is looking forward to paving the way for its neighboring Asian countries, may it be Thailand, the Philippines, or South Korea, the future of the company continues to be bright and burning. And although it is presumptuous to say that Singapore will be the headquarters of Asia—unlike the Americas and similar to Europe, Asia comprises of very different countries, each unique in their own right—we are confident Singapore is on its way to becoming a foundation and regional hub!

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