be one solutions Wraps Up SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2017 Series In US

13 April 2017

be one solutions @ SAP SMB Innovations Summit 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, FL | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions

Three SAP Business One® summit appearances = triple the state-of-the-art abilities to serve you!

We are back from Fort Lauderdale. Back from an incredible time at Broward County Convention Center – the venue for the last one of three SAP SMB Innovation Summits in 2017. And again, we came with a team of 7 to represent be one solutions Americas Inc. on site from April 3-5, 2017 in sunny Florida. Speaking of representing, as in Macao and Berlin, be one solutions was re-invited to the stage in order to share a first-hand look into our unique core business – serving large, multinational clients successfully around the globe.

The USA + Canada + LAC edition of the SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2017 series delivered quite a range of vital info & updates. Of course, there are certain topics that are covered at all three summits, e.g. the upcoming SAP Business One® 9.3 release. This release, by the way, comes with a whole bunch of amazing improvements related to Project Management, Production, as well as the CRM modules. On the other hand, there are also pretty cool innovations that vary from region to region. This is one of the many reasons why it is mandatory for us to take part at each and every single SAP Business One® get-together. As usual, there were a multitude of opportunities to network and build synergies with the entire SAP Business One® eco-system in the Americas – again, you just cannot miss out. And you already know, we did have numerous interesting chats with fellow partners, existing and potential clients alike.

The 2017 summits have come to a close. A record setting number of 21 of us that attended this year in Macao, Berlin and Fort Lauderdale are back at the desk, inspired, motivated & packed with the latest word they collected first-row, right at the center of the SAP Business One® world. When it comes to our relationship with SAP – and this is not only related to the summits, of course – we are certainly embracing our phenomenal contact with the likes of Luis Murguia, Finn Backer, Paulo Almeida and many, many more global and local SAP staff in the Americas, Europe and APAC. Thank you all for making the SAP SMB Innovation Summits a fruitful happening again this year!

Pictured above from left to right: Ran Feiwisch | Project Manager & Senior Consultant (USA), Carlos Hernandez | General Manager (Brazil), David C. Smith | VP – Head of Solutions Architecture (USA), Uzi Halfon | Founder & CEO, Jeff Richter | Project Manager & Senior Consultant (USA),  Mario Rui Candido | Regional Manager (Americas), Raul Hernandez | Country Manager (Mexico)

Check out some impressions from Macao & Berlin as well!

You can spot be one solutions around the world – still, we keep you updated right here in our news session. Just in case you missed our previous SAP SMB Innovation Summits 2017 coverage, here it is…

be one solutions @ SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2017 | APJ + Greater China Macao

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…and you can even catch some moving footage from our attendance in Berlin:

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