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Yuval Lerner joins be one solutions as Innovation Architect

New Innovation Architect Joins be one solutions

05 January 2017

Welcome Yuval Lerner! It is cold in Germany these days – still, a huge difference of almost 40° Celsius can’t keep Yuval Lerner, our newest staff member from smiling. Picture this, here’s a guy, well over 6 feet tall and heading into the freezing cold all the way from Panama City where temperatures this time […]

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Santa Claus Chooses be one solutions

Santa Would Choose be one solutions

24 December 2016

Season’s Greetings from the global SAP Business One® rollout experts! If Santa would choose for a simple, yet powerful ERP system, we are pretty sure he would choose for SAP Business One®. We are also confident he would go with us when it comes to any service related to the software. Why? Check out this […]

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MAN Diesel & Turbo Goes Live in Indonesia | powered by be one solutions

The Mission Continues: MAN Turbo & Diesel Goes Live in Indonesia

19 December 2016

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE and be one solutions proceeding with further rollout strategy! Today, it is our great pleasure to announce another fantastic news based on a great working relationship with MAN Turbo & Diesel SE: Indonesia has gone live earlier this quarter and has been running successfully on SAP Business One® since. You […]

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be one solutions at GPEC | Bellevue, Washington/USA

be one solutions Returns From Final 2016 GPEC Meeting

16 December 2016

An exclusive get-together with the top SAP Business One® market leaders! It is that time of the year again. It is chilly outside, snow here and there. Everybody is getting ready for a festive period among some very special people. And there are presents of course. Sounds like we are talking about Christmas, doesn’t it? […]

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be one solutions now VAR in Hong Kong

be one solutions Officially SAP Business® One VAR in Hong Kong

08 December 2016

Finishing the year off strong in APAC! First and foremost, Hong Kong is well known for its fascinating skyline. The density of skyscrapers is enormous – actually Hong Kong holds second place when it comes to the number of high rise buildings in the world. However, at a second glance, Hong Kong’s economy is even […]

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Csillla Herczeg Joins be one solutions as SAP Business One Senior Consultant

be one solutions Speaks Hungarian Now

23 November 2016

Welcome Csilla Herczeg! Did you know that there are some 14+ million people that speak Hungarian? Most of which live in Hungary, however there are also significant groups of people with Hungarian background spread all over the world, predominantly in the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Australia, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. When it comes […]

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Iswandi Hamli Joins be one solutions Singapore

be one solutions Presents Backbone of Singapore Operations

12 November 2016

Welcome Iswandi Hamli! Let’s recap what has happened in Singapore for us so far this year: Yes, we are open for business with an actual physical presence (click >>HERE). And yes, we just turned VAR (click >>HERE). So, after having completed the basic tasks of getting be one solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd. on the ground […]

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Michal Kaplan Ben-Ami Joins be one solutions As Support Manager APAC

New Support Manager APAC Joins be one solutions

08 November 2016

Welcome Michal Kaplan Ben-Ami! As you know, be one solutions focuses on successful partnerships with large enterprises (LE’s) and multinational corporations (MNC’s), who aim at deploying a simple yet powerful solution for their small and medium sizes subsidiaries all over the globe. Our customers want to standardize their ERP solutions in terms of tools and […]

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Sagar Kale Joins be one solutions India As Developer

be one solutions India Welcomes New Developer

01 November 2016

Sagar Kale joins our team in Pune, India! Our staff in India actually just got done with their annual Diwali festivities and we wanted to take this chance to say “Happy Diwali, everyone!”. For those of you that don’t know, Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations of Hinduism and one of the happiest holidays […]

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be one solutions becomes VAR for SAP Business One in Singapore

be one solutions Now SAP Business One® VAR In Singapore

28 October 2016

Another vital step forward in APAC! After opening be one solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd. (read all about the grand opening >>HERE), we are extremely excited to announce that, as of today, we have become an official SAP Business One® Value Added Reseller (VAR) there. We are very proud that our excellent relationship with SAP continues […]

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