be one solutions目前正在开发审批,预先审批插件,这是一项SAP Business One解决方案的新型高级插件。审批,预先审批插件是为替换SAP Business One现有的标准审批程序功能而设计的。


We have some big news!

We’ve been working on it for a while, listening to your suggestions and using your feedback to improve our product and now that the beta stage was completed successfully, we are pleased to announce that Approval Pro has finally arrived on the SAP Business One Market!
So if you want to get your hands on Approval Pro, follow one of the below options:

  • SAP Partners – please contact us to get information on how to become Approval Pro distributers
  • SAP B1 Users – please contact your SAP Channel Partner for additional information

Enhanced & Optimized Approval Management

be one solutions is currently developing the Approval Pro – an advanced new add-on for SAP Business One.
The Approval Pro is designed to replace the standard Approval Procedures function of SAP Business One.
Approval Pro is designed and developed by the be one solutions’ expert team of former Business One system architects, quality assurance engineers and support experts to ensure a premium product.
Approval Pro meets real-life requirements communicated by Business One customers and shall provide solutions that are not currently possible even by workarounds.
be one solutions ensures that customers currently working with the standard Approval Procedures concept will have a seamless transfer to Approval Pro:

  • Enhanced & Optimized Approval Management
  • Full Support of Original SBO Core Approval Procedures Module
  • Fully Integrated within SAP Business One
  • SAP Business One Look & Feel
  • Comprehensive Upgrade of Legacy Approval Data
  • Similar Setup Windows and Fields
  • No Additional Training Required

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