Coresuite Country Package

用Coresuite国家包,您可以优化补充财务评估,并按照您的要求改变市场文件报告。在SAP business one搜索数据将如同google搜索那般简单,您可以自定义设置内部流程和SAP环境,没有任何高附加编程费用。


Extended printing and layout management!

Coresystem’s coresuite country package includes standard documents that range from quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoice layouts to reports for CRM, sales, purchasing, service, warehouse or production departments, and much more. With thecoresuite country package all you need to do is is to manage and update one single layout for all marketing documents. Thanks to this master layout system, changes can be made within a few minutes and print jobs can be created according to the type of document to be printed.

Your ERP, customized to your needs!

The coresuite country package is the perfect tool for customizing a new or an existing SAP Business One environment. Do you want to colour, hide or block fields, define mandatory fields, create new tabs or add choose from a list? No problem – in just a few clicks, the function can be in your system and will be in operation. Thanks to the simple import and export support, you have access to all existing customize rules. Furthermore you can tailor the existing rules to your own personalized requirements or can also create new rules with the help of an assistant.

Your accounting at a glance!

Finally, you can access account statements, charts of accounts, budget reports, cash flow calculations or even just your balance in a matter of seconds. Our dashboards provide you with quick information on your business. The accounting function provides you with a clearer presentation of data and data grouping, improved drill-down functionality and concrete evaluations at the level of a profit centre, distribution rule or project. Furthermore, classifications have been introduced to give you reliable financial indicators at the push of a button.


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