COPRALON favors be one solutions in Brazil

28 November 2017

COPRALON favors be one solutions in Brazil | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

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Chances are that you have come across COPRALON at some point, especially if you are somewhere in Brazil, enjoying a frozen treat from Ben & Jerry’s or Kibon. That very bucket you are holding was most likely handled by a COPRALON employee, as they are wholeseller of these Unilever brands. And as you can imagine, when it comes to supplying ice cream, summer is the season when it gets critical. Due to such peak periods, COPRALON requires a simple, yet powerful ERP software plus a strong and experienced solution partner with an extraordinary level of availability to get the job done. We are sure there are many organizations out there with similar requirements, so we talked to Fernando Januário (CEO at COPRALON) and asked the following:

– Why did COPRALON choose for SAP Business One®

– What where the results after COPRALON’s successful SAP Business One® implementation?

– Why did COPRALON pick be one solutions?

Based on Fernando’s feedback, we have created a nice little customer case study. It really is an interesting read. Best part, it is free. You can download the English and Portuguese version of the COPRALON case study right here:

>>Click HERE to download case study in ENGLISH

>>Click HERE to download case study in PORTUGUESE

We very much appreciate Fernando’s time and the effort of all the folks over at COPRALON and we are looking forward to continuing our great partnership in 2018 and beyond. If you as well want to check out what we can do on Brazil soil or anywhere else on the planet – talk to us. Shoot us an >>EMAIL and we’ll gladly tell you all about SAP Business One® and our world-spanning SAP Business One® expertise!

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