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19 June 2017

New be one solutions company presentation 2017 | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

New be one solutions’ company presentation 2017!

Those past couple of months have been quite a ride for us indeed. As our reputation as “the global SAP Business One® rollout experts” is growing, more and more large, multinational companies take notice. We are proud to say that, meanwhile we have quite a selection of some of the most renowned organizations out there on our reference list. All of which are extremely happy about the installed solution, as well as be one solutions as their preferred global SAP Business One® partner. And our clients love to tell their story on stage or via video success stories. Chances are you saw the Velux clip, studied the MAN Diesel & Turbo case or learned from BASF how SAP Business One is a perfect fit in terms of a 2-tier strategy. It’s been a long time coming – today it’s proven by cold hard facts: be one solutions has all the resources and experience to help you align, standardize & integrate real-time data in your large enterprise. Anywhere around the globe that is.

A while back, we underwent a complete facelift, while introducing a brand new corporate identity. But not only the look has changed, of course. Our growth affects many further areas of our business. HR is a good example. Think about it, when it comes to staff, some 2 years ago we were 50, in 2017 we have reached the 100 mark. Trust us, we are more focused and more determined than ever to push things to a new level. And we want you to be aware of this. We have an exciting story to tell and we cannot wait to share it with you!

As a matter of fact, today we are delighted to present to you the foundation of our future conversations – our new company presentation. Fresh out the box, packed with dynamic & informative content that will definitely spark fruitful discussions on what SAP Business One® and be one solutions can do.


We got every means to power your global success. Let’s meet up and talk about you and your subsidiaries around the world. Drop us a line today at!

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be one solutions is the largest global SAP Business One® partner specializing in two-tier ERP strategies, world- spanning blueprints, implementations and support. Our well-rounded solution for large enterprises and their small & medium sized subsidiaries includes core SAP Business One®, specialized functional add-ons, integration to/from mySAP/ECC and other systems, and country-specific add-ons (legal & local requirements). We have delivered successful implementations in 50+ countries and 200+ sites, guarantying a reputation as a proven and trusted leader in the market. With legal entities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Hong-Kong, Japan, China, Brazil, USA, Sweden, Singapore, Mexico and a number of further regional offices, we have a solid base in 20 locations around the world. Thus, we are strategically positioned to support all global rollout requirements.

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