Grand Opening of be one solutions Mexico

28 June 2017

be one solutions Mexico now open for business! | #SAPBusinessOne

Mexico City – here we come!

be one solutions has been extremely successful in the Americas – it is fair to say that the two key guys in the region, Mario Rui Candido (Regional Manager Americas) along with Carlos Hernandez (General Manager Brazil), and of course the great teams behind them, have major impact on our amazing shape around the globe. As a matter of fact, our SAP Business One® experts in Brazil and those in the US interact very closely among each other, as well as with any other of our meanwhile 20 locations around the world.

Yet, despite all positive results, be one solutions is also known for not resting – especially when the motor runs seemingly smooth and without any hick ups. So, after covering major parts in North and South America, we now let the roots spread a little deeper in order to get even closer to our clients and potentials.

First stop of our further strategy in the Americas: Mexico. And the best part, we are not starting on green field. Actually, Uzi Halfon (Founder & CEO at be one solutions) has been in touch with Raùl Hernández and Yolanda De la Paz for years and we have already completed many projects together. The time has finally come that we sail under the very same flag and for Mexico to become part of the global SAP Business One® rollout experts. be one solutions Mexico means an existing team of 7 highly skilled and proven SAP Business One® professionals, including Raùl and Yolanda, who are the pillars of our operations there. Bear in mind, “+7” in Mexico equals to a total of 101 staff. So just to emphasize, be one solutions has officially passed this magic mark now! We are sure this is fantastic news to our existing network and very valuable to anybody that needs support around the earth.

Uzi Halfon is absolutely confident about Raùl, Yolanda and their team. He told us: “The move to Mexico is thrilling. We got 7 top notch SAP Business One® resources over there – right off the bat. I am expecting this to be a huge influence on our global operations. I must say that I am very much delighted to announce to the public today, that as of July 2017, be one solutions officially has a fully operational legal entity in beautiful Mexico City!”

Hola México – we are open for business! But who exactly is “we”? Stay tuned, we will introduce our Mexican staff one by one, shortly & right here in our news section and via our social media channels!


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be one solutions is a global SAP partner specializing in two-tier ERP strategies, world- spanning blueprints, implementations and support for SAP Business One®. Our well-rounded solution for large enterprises and small subsidiaries includes core SAP Business One®, specialized functional add-ons, integration to/from mySAP/ECC and other systems, and country-specific add-ons (legal & local requirements). We have delivered successful implementations in 52+ countries and 200+ sites, guarantying a reputation as a proven and trusted leader in the market. With legal entities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Hong-Kong, Japan, China, Brazil, USA, Sweden, Singapore, Mexico and a number of further regional offices, we have a solid base in 20 locations around the world. Thus, we are strategically positioned to support all global SAP Business One® rollout requirements.

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