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何故be one solutionsか?

Be one solutionsは大企業のグローバル拠点に対するSAP Business Oneのグローバルロールアウト及びその保守に特化しています。

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何故SAP Business Oneか?

お客様がSAP Business Oneを選択するトップ10の理由がリサーチ結果に記載されています。詳細はここをクリック

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世界中のどこであろうと、SAP Business Oneに対する要件がいかなるものであろうとも、我々のエキスパートチームが、生産性、効率性に寄与し、お客様ビジネスを成功に導きます。

SAP Business Oneは財務、レポート類といったグローバルな統制要件を満たすことが可能な、費用対効果の高いソリューションです。

be one solutionsはスイスに本社、ドイツ、フランス、日本、香港、中国、ブラジル、アメリカ及びスウェーデン、に拠点を持つSAPのグロバールパートナーです。我々のチームは40ヶ国160拠点以上にSAP Business Oneを導入しており、導入したお客様の評価によって、市場における信頼できるリーダーとしての地位を確立しております。お客様に導入したソリューションには以下のものが含まれます:

  • SAP Business One
  • as 生産管理アドオン
  • SAP及び非SAP製品との統合シナリオ
  • 国固有のアドオン
  • SAP Business One
  • as Manufacturing add-on
  • Integration scenarios to SAP and non-SAP solutions
  • Country specific add-ons
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Be One Solutions Presents “Simplify Your International Operations” \ Apresenta como simplificar suas operações internacionais

As we previously announced, be one solutions is exhibiting and presenting at at the biggest event in business technology in Latin America.  SAP Forum Brazil, March 17-18, 2015 – Sao Paulo, Brazil. Carlos Hernandez, our executive in charge of Brazil will be presenting on how to Simplify your International Operations. The presentation is Tuesday, 17 March […]

Join be one solutions at the SAP Forum in Sao Paulo Brazil on March 17-18th 2015

be one solutions is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the biggest event in business technology in Latin America. We invite you to stop by our SAP Business One Master location at the conference to meet with us, learn more about be one solutions and gain valuable knowledge about how SAP Business One and be one solutions can help you meet your corporate goals.

be one solutions company achievements – Overwhelming Success in 2014!

be one solutions company achievements – Overwhelming Success in 2014! We are very thankful to our customers for their continued trust in us and in our vision. We could not have done it without you!

Petra Rojas Tamayo Joins be one solutions as Our Support Manager in Europe!

be one solutions is excited to welcome Petra Rojas Tamayo to our team as our new Support Manager in Europe.

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