We Know SAP – We Know Japan

10 July 2014

be one solutions has returned from Tokyo, Japan where we were in attendance at one of the largest SAP Business One Summits Japan has ever experienced. As part of the experience, be one solutions had the opportunity to listen to five sessions provided by Japanese partners discussing SAP global rollouts and we were able to provide our own presentation as well on the topic of “The Latest Trends of Global Rollouts Using SAP Business One.”

A majority of the attendees had previously experienced issues in managing global systems. be one solutions founder and CEO Uzi Halfon, led a 40-minute session informing the Japanese about our best practices including be one solutions’ integration approach to subsidiary systems and the latest trends of global rollouts using SAP Business One.

One of the major topics of discussion at the summit was that many Japanese companies have foreign subsidiaries and those subsidiaries have numerous issues that are not under proper controls or procedures. The challenge faced by these firms is further compounded by the lack of an affordable way to extend their SAP ECC installation to the subsidiaries.

It became clear to us through our conversations that be one solutions has a unique approach for these firms in the way in which we plan and implement SAP Business One as a subsidiary solution. Our approach involves the very cost effective process of centrally planning a rollout to off-shore subsidiaries, and then executing the implementation at the subsidiary using cost-effective local resources that are part of our global team.