New Project Manager & Senior Consultant Joins be one solutions Singapore

08 March 2017

Yong Chai Yen joins be one solutions as Project Manager & Senior Consultant | #SAPBusinessOne

Welcome Chai Yen!

Our footprint in APAC meanwhile is at least a size 15. Indeed, we are extremely proud that following the opening of be one solutions in Singapore as our 15th location, we have made significant progress in the region. Cut a long story short, the need for further staff is bigger than ever. Not just in Singapore, but globally. So, as the current hiring process continues, we are excited to present some initial results already: We are truly thrilled to introduce to you Yong Chai Yen – certainly another great addition to our worldwide staff of SAP Business One® experts.

Chai Yen has been deployed as Project Manager & Senior SAP Business One® Consultant for be one solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd. in order to assist with the further growth of our operations in the APAC region and beyond. She is a Malaysian national and a permanent resident of Singapore. Following her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the Asia Pacific institute of Information Technology, Chai Yen has built a solid career in project Management and consultancy mainly in Retail, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing. Throughout the years she has made an extra effort to stay up to date regarding the latest state of the art. She successfully completed various SAP Education stages, making her a well-rounded resource when it comes to SAP Business One®.

In the past, Chai Yen worked predominantly in the IT field. She was System Analyst, Project Manager and SAP Business One® consultant for some big IT players in Southeast Asia, where she formed her core skillset:

  • Pre-sales
  • Project Management
  • SAP Business One® implementation
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Crystal Reports


Chai Yen is familiar with all aspects of our core business, SAP Business One®. She knows SQL and HANA and she has been responsible for numerous SAP Business One® project implementation cycles so far, mainly in F&B, Trading and Manufacturing. She is a great addition to our Singapore staff, indeed – not only because she lives there, she is also a perfect fit when it comes to cultural competence on a much greater scale. She understands the background of the entire APAC region by heart. We are confident that our customers, potentials and team members all over the world alike, will immediately benefit from Chai Yen’s knowledge and experience.

be one solutions invites you to connect with Chai Yen on LinkedIn

Chai Yen told us she really likes the culture of be one solutions. She said “I like what I’ve heard and what I’ve been reading about the company. be one solutions seems like the perfect fit for my personality and my values”. Speaking of which, Chai Yen’s personality will definitely lead her to success with be one solutions. She is well organized, willing to learn and go the extra mile, plus she has a very pleasant, positive attitude – as a matter of fact, please get in touch and have a quick chat with her. She speaks English, Mandarin, Malay & Cantonese. Chai Yen will gladly answer your questions related to SAP Business One® and be one solutions, of course.

We welcome you to connect with Yong Chai Yen on LinkedIn: Click >>HERE

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