SAP Business One Version 9.1 is now available for customer use!

25 August 2014

AP Business One version 9.1 is now available for customer use. This newest version of SAP’s solution for subsidiaries, divisions and small/mid-sized businesses adds many new features and capabilities. In this update, our team at be one solutions wanted to highlight the new significant functionality.

Enhanced Production Module
SAP has improved the manufacturing management capability of SAP Business One by adding a new module to capture and plan resource capacity. The new module has the ability to capture machine, labor or other resources with cost associated to production and link it to a machine or other fixed asset and employee data. Customers can also specify a work-in-process account to update at a line level rather than having to update at the production order level.
This will make WIP data more accurate. It will allow companies to have visibility over capacity bottlenecks and it will help customers to optimize production. Ultimately it will allow you to include your resources costs into the finished product costs.

SAP Version 9.1 Update

Enhanced Bill of Materials

The production capability of SAP Business One has also been further enhanced with the new capability in the Bill of Materials (BOM) functions.

These enhancements provide new line item types in the BOM, allowing for tracking of resources and unstructured text (for notes or one-time use). You also have the option to group line items based on your process flow. The ability to mass update a bill-of-material with adding or removing lines has also been enhanced.

Inventory Item Cost Valuation

SAP Business One has always had three ways to value inventory; First In First Out (FIFO), Weighted Average and Standard Costing.  With version 9.1 you can now calculate serial-numbered and batch managed items to reflect variances in cost and profitability by batch or specific serial numbers.

Multiple Branches, one database

This new feature now allows for your organization to manage multiple branch locations and a centralized stock/inventory system.

You can now do the following on a branch level:

  • Create sales or purchasing transactions per branch
  • Report by branch, including P&L’s
  • Manage the warehouse per branch
  • Create authorizations for business partners by branch

Key enhancements to infrastructure and architecture in SAP Business One 9.1

  • Administrator can now create permission groups with specific authorizations
  • We can now remove unused functions from the screens and menus to improve implementation and training time
  • Personalization of the dashboard according to individual choice or role
  • SAP Business One grids and Excel now support copy and paste functions between applications

Of course, there are many other minor changes and enhancements. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the advantages of SAP Business One 9.1 in more detail.