The Mission Continues: MAN Turbo & Diesel Goes Live in Indonesia

19 December 2016

MAN Diesel & Turbo Goes Live in Indonesia | powered by be one solutions

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE and be one solutions proceeding with further rollout strategy!

Today, it is our great pleasure to announce another fantastic news based on a great working relationship with MAN Turbo & Diesel SE: Indonesia has gone live earlier this quarter and has been running successfully on SAP Business One® since. You may know that the APAC region can sometimes proof to be tricky. However, we are happy to report that we didn’t have any major challenges completing the tasks on hand out there in Jakarta. And just as simple and efficient as the solution itself, all involved experienced an extremely comfortable go-live – on time and in budget.

Let us give you a quick and exclusive insight into the story. As far as the scope was concerned, we had to go a little beyond the SAP Business One® standard functionalities. Though we had to cover the very specific legal rules and regulations in this localization. Hence, we introduced some further add-ons to cover processes such as “e-faktur pajak”, which is the government e-invoicing process. Now keep in mind, most parts of this project were done while in parallel working on two other MAN sites in Malaysia. This obviously meant streamlining the APAC implementation processes and ensuring optimized utilization of our resources.

MAN Diesel & Turbo Rollout Team Indonesia

It goes without saying, we have a great product and three powerful, proven letters behind it. Still, it is always the people further down the line that ensure that everything is running without hick ups. Right there were it is needed the most, with all those little last dirty mile issues in mind – and a functioning added value to turn the signal to green. So this here success is definitely another brick added onto a solid foundation. Indonesia certainly marks the continuation of an impressive collaboration between MAN Diesel & Turbo and be one solutions. As a matter of fact, Maggie Ang (Head of Finance & Commercial at MDT Malaysia and Indonesia) told us in a nice wrap up email the other day, she was very pleased with the assistance and support they have received. She further said that everything is working very smoothly and that she is looking forward to all the benefits they will have with SAP Business One® from here on out – for more transparency and easy access to vital Information.


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be one solutions is trusted GLOBAL supplier of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE

Some time ago, we have announced the first two go-live’s after partnering up with MAN Diesel & Turbo SE.  Just in case you missed it, be sure to read the article >>click HERE.

Think about it for a second. We teamed up in early 2016, we laid a sturdy foundation based on our global experience and world-spanning capabilities and here we are announcing the third and final roll out before heading over to the Americas (Mexico) for the next one kicking off in January. What a year indeed!

2016 comes to a close now. Let us take this time to express a special thanks to the MAN SAP Business One® team in Augsburg, Germany – Michael Goetz (Head of Competence Center at MAN Diesel & Turbo SE), Christian Haun (Solution Consultant at MAN Diesel & Turbo SE) & Hanno Koch (Senior Solution Consultant at MAN Diesel & Turbo SE) – we appreciate the great contact, the professional attitude and first and foremost the trust in each other.

We are truly proud to be the trusted global supplier for MAN Diesel & Turbo SE when it comes to SAP Business One® and we are looking forward to a bright future ahead based on a powerful solution and combined professionalism and effort!

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in a nutshell

They say “A picture speaks 1000 words”, well how about some 30 pictures per second in HD. This is our client. This is MDT. Impressive, professional & multi-national. Check out the official MAN Diesel & Turbo Company Movie!

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