2 down 1 to go, get ready Americas…

APAC & EMEA: Check! Next up: SAP's 2019 SMB Innovation Summit in Orlando, USA!


So far, we’ve completed 2 of 3 SAP SMB Innovation Summits – one in Bangkok/Thailand on March 12-14, the other one in Nice/France, two weeks ago. Of course, just like artists don’t change their show elements while on a tour, neither does SAP. The general topics, as in Product, Development, Consulting, Marketing, etc. remain the same during the current summit series, yet the small variations from one location to the other make a huge difference. Still, you may ask yourself, why do they participate in all three events? Couldn’t we safe ourselves the “hassle” and invest the time & resources into other business? The answer is clearly “No!”. We are out there 3 times because we operate right there, at each stop – APAC, EMEA and the Americas. We participate highly motivated and eager to be updated and learn in order to ensure SAP’s strategy and vision is understood and fully applied to our methodology. For the best and maximum benefit for our target audience: Large, multinational Corporations & their small and medium sized subsidiaries around the world.

At the end of the day at these type of events, it is about 3 core actions that pay right off, once back at the desk:

  1. Staying close & productive with our dear friends over at SAP
  2. Networking with fellow partners, current & future clients
  3. Sharing knowledge, experience & insights from our very unique “Large Enterprise Approach”

It is about all of the above and having a good time, reuniting with a great & pleasant network – the SAP Business One® family, as we like to call it. Check out what we mean by taking a quick look at our image gallery from the summit in Nice/France.

>>>Click HERE to view 2019 SMB Innovation Summit NICE Image Gallery

We’re pretty sure you can sense the atmosphere, can’t you? Well, then you got one more chance to see the 2019 version of the show: Let’s meet up in Orlando on June 18-20!

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