21 days to go until SAP NOW Mexico

Starting the year with a bang in the Americas!

We are two weeks into 2019 and there is already happenings left and right – it becomes more and more obvious, be one solutions is heading into another 12 month of thrill and excitement. Speaking of excitement, we talked to Raùl Hernandez (Country Manager Mexico) and he emphasized: “We at be one solutions Mexico are extremely excited to participate in SAP NOW – a great event that gives us perfect exposure right at the start of the year."

He also told us: "Preperations for SAP NOW started back in 2018. As of today, we are ready and set for Feb. 7. Moreover, judging the pre-event communications, we are expecting a lot of traffic at our booth. I can’t wait to fill everyone in on our fantastic global ERP approach with SAP Business One® and S/4HANA!”

Don’t look no further – here is all you need to know about SAP NOW!


SAP NOW Mexico takes place on February 7, 2019 at Expo Santa Fe México. It is a groundbreaking get together for business leaders, decision makers and all C-level executives that are looking for inspiration and solutions for the digital era. SAP NOW showcases how the complete portfolio of SAP solutions, technologies, and innovations can help customers address challenges and pain points. be one solutions has a history of attending and participating in SAP NOW all over the globe. Indeed, we strongly advise you look into this, either in Mexico or elsewhere around the planet. In any case, should you plan to shoot for beautiful Mexico - we have gathered the key facts about SAP NOW for you. Just click on on the question and the answer will pop up in an instant!

Drop by our booth and have a chat with Raùl and María del Carmen González Pérez (Sales & Marketing Mexico) – they got a story or two about our global expertise. By the way, Raùl and Maricarmen will be joined by Uzi Halfon (Founder & CEO) as well as Mario Rui Candido (Regional Manager Americas) to complete the expert group on site. In short, we’d love to meet up. Don’t think about this chance too long, as a matter of fact, register today and come around – we can’t wait for showtime!

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