André Marcelino

IT Manager


SAP Business One® is simple, yet powerful. It allows for maximum efficiency of your small & medium global subsidiaries. Think quick implementation cycles based on an out of box approach plus seamless integration scenarios.

André Marcelino

Gifted with people skills, André enjoys meeting new people both in his professional and personal life. Great listener, he always manages to put himself in other people’s shoes when trying to solve a problem. As IT manager of be one solutions, his role is to take care of all internal IT related matters but also to support customers in technical difficulties 

Before joining be one solutions, André was an IS Specialist at LORD Corporation for almost 5 years. Besides, in another life, he was in charge of Sap Business One administration, support, add-on development and EDI systems. On top of that, André has a vast experience as System & Network Administrator and holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering. His professional background and current performances ensure the global SAP rollout experts to be at the top of their games at all time. 

 André has impacted greatly be one solutions day to day work by improving and automating processes, making it easier and faster. He trusts the company hasn’t seen its biggest days yet as the demands for SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA are growing and coming in rapidly. Proactive, he is always looking for new solutions as “there is always room for improvement”. 

Not only has André an exceptional character, he is a lifelong learner. This might be because in IT, the newest thing today could be outdated by tomorrow. Thanks to his calm mindset, he is also a patient teacher – when some technical terminologies are getting too specific, he breaks them down for any lambda individual to understand. 

By the way, André is from Portugal originally. His favorite past time is Gaming, playing board games, and he sometimes just relaxes & recharges on the couch, provided there is a good TV-show or Anime. André speaks Portuguese, English and some French. Feel free to get in touch with him, he will gladly help and support your requests! 

When ask what he would bring to a deserted island, he answers, “I would bring a lighter to ignite fire, an axe to get woods, and e-book with solar battery to read unlimited books in the meantime.” 

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