Steven Li

Support Manager (APAC)


SAP Business One® is simple, yet powerful. It allows for maximum efficiency of your small & medium global subsidiaries. Think quick implementation cycles based on an out of box approach plus seamless integration scenarios.

Steven Li - APAC AMS Manager

Always considering and thinking of others both at work and in his personal life, Steven is a people-oriented person. When he’s interacting with customers, family or friends, he feels at his best! 

As APAC AMS Manager, Steven is not only leading our Application Management Services team in Asia, but he is managing our regional support consultant members as well. His deeper understanding of customers in Asia Pacific when it comes to language & culture has put him on the path to success. It is a cold hard fact, his knowledge and experience supporting the latest SAP Business One functionalities is second to none – he will be a sure bet with any of your support requests. 

Steven has worked in SAP Business One Global Support Center for more than 10 years, which equipped him with a deep understanding of the SAP Business One product itself, as well as the entire support process. As well as being our APAC AMS manager, he is also a certificated Senior Support Consultant for all modules of SAP Business One and is a proven expert in flawless customer communication. Currently Steven manages team members in four different countries, this management model comes with its lot of challenges but he very much enjoying them.   

With his belief that building and maintaining a strong relationship with customers is one of the upmost important tasks in his role as APAC AMS Manager, Steven is a true inspiration. He makes a point to know each of his clients at be one solutions and will gladly answer any of your questions, if you join our large family.  

Based in Shanghai, China, Steven speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Japanese, enjoys writing short stories and recharges his batteries with a good game of baseball every once in a while.   

When ask what he would bring to a deserted island, he answers “a knife to build a shelter and protect myself, a good cloth to protect my feet and skin, and a lighter to ignite fire for food & keep me warm at night”. 

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