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Uzi Halfon is one of the two founding fathers of be one solutions and he is in charge of our global operations. He has a wealth of systems implementation and business management experience and spent more than 20 years running SAP Business One®. He actually was a vital member in the SAP Business One® product development team at SAP. Here are some further facts about Uzi:

  • Before founding be one solutions, Uzi formerly worked for SAP's Headquarters in Walldorf/Germany, where he directed global SAP Business One operations focusing on enterprise-level businesses.
  • At SAP, he was also responsible for establishing the worldwide network for rolling out SAP Business One® globally
  • With expertise spanning pre-sales, blueprinting, implementation and ongoing support services, Uzi has managed on-site teams and partner training programs.
  • After leaving SAP, he took his vision of supplying large, multinational Enterprises to the next level by founding be one solutions along with his partner Rainer Vischer
  • Today, Uzi is the CEO of an organization that's located in almost 30 countries around the globe. The vision is still there but it has developed into something bigger than intially projected - being the global SAP rollout experts with vast resources and sophisticated knowledge to supply the biggest brands out there with SAP Business One® and SAP S/4HANA

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