Baumer restructures to better serve the market with SAP Business One

"SAP Business One and be one solutions means agility, partnership and comfortable service"

Roberto Montichiesi, General Director at Baumer

Baumer optimized the management of the company's operational and financial information while integrating all operations

Manufacturer of industrial automation equipment

Equipment for industrial automation, importer and reseller

Jundiai (SP), Brasil

Baumer SAP Business One Case Study

Challenges and opportunities

Monitor the financial information

  • Baumer started its activities using SAP Business One prior to its relationship to be one solutions, following the decision of the head office to use it as a global standard.
  • Restructuring with changes for the Brazilian market.

WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Expertise in serving SME and large companies

  • SAP Business One is a well-known system and transmits trustworthiness.
  • be one solutions has a worldwide contract with all the Baumer companies, in addition to offering personalized support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 17 languages.
Baumer Case Study Brazil SAP Business One
Baumer SAP Business One


Accounts and reports gives a true and fair view

  • SAP Business One allowed the company to have a well-defined control, with greater ease and accessibility.
  • Baumer had greater visibility and control of internal procedures bringing agility to operations.
  • Interconnect the tax and accounting departments and eliminating tax outsourcing.

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