be one solutions has a really dedicated team of more than 100 senior specialists – not employees – specialists…

Martin Schnyder
Business Manager,
Baumer Group

Baumer Group are a Swiss company, and a world class leader in sensor technology. Founded in 1952, Baumer have 2500 employees across 38 locations, and 11 different manufacturing sites. Baumer use ECC in all of their operations across the globe. This is process they started implementing in 2008, and be one solutions provide support and maintenance for these operations.

Baumer decided that SAP Business One was one of the applications that could meet their needs, but they struggled with its implementation across different and diverse organizations around the globe, as they were using just one IT expert from China to do all of this. What Baumer needed was an established organization to fulfil their needs… One with the experience and expertise needed to support global organizations, but that could also provide support at a more local level. be one solutions were identified as the organisation that Baumer needed on their side, and In 2016, Baumer Group officially partnered with be one solutions.

The first thing be one solutions did to help Baumer was to assess each of Baumer’s individual sales organisations, analyse how SAP Business One had been implemented there, and give them an overview of the situation. be one solutions also highlighted the risks for the individual sales organisations, before creating streamlined processes across all organizations - thereby increasing efficiency of the group. be one also handled the transfer of all licences out to Baumer’s five different partners. Lastly, be one solutions and SAP Business One have allowed Baumer to implement standardised reporting and a standard software platform across all of their different local sales organisations. Now, each partner must be using the same software version across the board, where before, Baumer’s central HQ could be dealing with 5 or more versions of the same software at once…

Click the video to learn more about the support, advice, and service be one solutions have offered to Baumer, and the success we have found together…


SAP Business One® is simple, yet powerful. It allows for maximum efficiency of your small & medium global subsidiaries. Think quick implementation cycles based on an out of box approach plus seamless integration scenarios.

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