The skills of be one solutions’ consultants on SAP products were more than we anticipated.

Nobuhiko Hirai
General Manager
Takebishi Accounting Division

Takebishi Co. Ltd. are a technology trading company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. They deal in industrial equipment (notably from Mitsubishi Electric), factory automation, semi-conductors and other devices. Their business goals currently include achieving 1000 billion Yen in financial year 2022, and in the mid term, expanding their overseas operations.

Head office in Japan has been using SAP software since 1997, and overseas sales locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai and the Netherlands are already using SAP Business One. However, this left Takebishi\'s Thailand office lagging behind their colleagues. There, performance data was managed using Microsoft Excel, which made it harder and more time-consuming to produce reports. However, with business in Thailand expected to double in 2020 this couldn\'t remain the case.

Since Takebishi were already using SAP software integration wasn\'t really an issue here - rather the challenges faced were those of finding the right implementation partner. Takebishi needed a provider who knew the unique challenges of doing business in Thailand, but who could also meet a short 4-month deadline for that implementation.Our worldwide scope and provision of multilingual support saw be one solutions Japan get the job.

That expertise shone through too. Through the whole of the project Takebishi executives only needed to travel from Japan to Thailand three times. be one solutions took care of everything else on-site with the Takebishi team in Thailand, and indeed Takebishi are pleased with their SAP Business One implementation and our work on it. Reporting speed and efficiency have been brought into line with Takebishi\'s other overseas offices, and a number of custom reports relating to Thailand\'s unique circumstances have been created using SAP Business One\'s query function. What\'s more, Takebishi have also entrusted be one solutions with ongoing maintenance duties, starting in March 2020.


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