be one solutions Completes Q2 Core Team Meeting

3 sunny & productive days in Switzerland!

It seems like we are in the middle of a stampede of events. Shows all over the place, literally. Things won’t slow down either – there will be happenings around the world until late this year. And while we are already preparing for the next show in Japan (be one solutions at SAP NOW Tokyo) as well as SAP Forum in Brazil in September, we are continuously meeting internally in parallel. All levels. We have to, in order to keep things running all across the planet. Keep in mind, we are well over 100 around the world right now, more than 24 locations, about 20 languages – chances are there is somebody at be one solutions answering your request in your language at any given time of the day.

Our latest internal get together just took place in Switzerland two weeks ago. This time it was our Core Team that met. “Core Team” as in Core Management Team, so the spearheads of their respective departments and/or regions plus C-Level plus guests (e.g. David Ferrier & Arnaud Darrieux-Juson from 2MoRO, Aero One). Just to give you a little exclusive inside look at some of the topics that we covered at our Global Brand Office right next to beautiful Lake Zurich:

  • Current Company Stats, Figures & Facts
  • Internal Processes & Procedures
  • HR & Staff Matters
  • GDPR
  • IT & Security
  • Global Marketing
  • Own Products & Future Strategy

As you can tell various intense but extremely vital topics. Topics that directly influence our strategy and performance. By the way, all of the above were completed in the good ol’be one solutions fashion – work hard, succeed and add 1 million smiles in good spirit at the end of a long day at work.

Last but not least, the news broke that João Rodrigues has been appointed as our new Customer Success Manager (CSM) – exciting times with an immediate impact on current and potential customers… we will have more on that soon! For now, this quarter and beyond, and wrapping up the Core Team Meeting in 3 words: “We are all set!” and rest assured, we’ll keep you in the picture, first hand and transparent. Catch you again after the Q3 Core Team meeting!

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