be one solutions back from SAP NOW Mexico

First time around & left with a bag full of contacts plus a big old smile for 2019 and beyond!

We are back from SAP NOW in Mexico, still amazed by all the sights and sounds we experienced out there. Sure, we have been a frequent participant in other SAP NOW events across the world, however this was actually the very first time Raúl Hernandez (Country Manager Mexico) and his Mexican team, joined by Uzi Halfon (Founder & CEO), participated in this truly ground breakingevent in Mexico. Indeed, they came, saw and took action out there at Expo Santa Fe right smack in the middle of vibrant Mexico City. Here are their first row impressions…enjoy replaying the action for some 80 seconds!

Raúl told us: “SAP NOW was quite an effort and we really did everything in our power for a great Return on Invest. Yet, we didn’t know what to expect, as this was our first time around. Also, keep in mind, SAP S/4HANA is the dominating topic at SAP NOW. So, we are truly exotic with our core offering being SAP Business One, which we just expanded to cover all S/4HANA requests, as well. And you know what? The outcome of SAP NOW, specifically based on this very unique offering and our global capabilities really made the difference. We engaged with a staggering number of 152 contacts in just one day. Plus we had a fantastic visibility by being a sponsor of the event. We are thrilled what will happen in the aftermath, but I can already declare SAP NOW 2018 over here in Mexico a grand success!” 

Bottom line, be one solutions Mexico kicked it off with a bang for us this year – it is still early, many events will follow of course. If you can come out & see us anywhere in the world during the next months, please do. Catch us in person and witness first hand when our global staff showcases our approach & success with SAP Business One® and SAP S/4HANA. So, stay tuned and meanwhile, please connect via our social media channels:

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