Meet be one solutions, the global SAP rollout experts

Meet be one solutions, the global SAP rollout experts

be one solutions was founded some 10 years ago by Uzi Halfon and Rainer Vischer, two visionary individuals with a clear and sophisticated “ERP for global rollouts” orientation. As a matter of fact, both have been key drivers in the SAP Business One® world since the very early days of the product. Keep in mind, from the start, Uzi and Rainer always had a very unique approach to solutions specifically tested and tailored for Headquarters and their foreign locations. And what was started back then has meanwhile developed into a powerful, world-spanning operation. Actually “notable development” is the fitting term for a lot of stats we can state today. From the quality of resources we have assembled over the years, to the number of be one solutions locations, all the way to the ever growing amount of satisfied customers - we have been successfully expanding and are nowadays recognized as a true global partner. Not just with SAP Business One®, but with SAP S/4HANA as well. Take a look at some further fun facts!

And while Uzi and Rainer are steering the organisation from Switzerland, our Regional Management carries out the global mission, serving as spearheads in APAC, EMEA & the Americas. Of course, the most important asset, our 100+ experts that are conveniently situated around the world. Keep in mind, the average time of SAP experience of our staff members is 10 years, a whole lot of experience to answer to your very specific needs, whether you need us in São Paulo, Munich or Mumbai.

Bottom line, after an extremely successful first decade, we have set ourselves apart with our offering, capabilities and demonstrated results in the large, multinational enterprise field. Want to find out more about how we stand out? We’ve assembled our key differentiators for you – watch out for the second part of our “Meet be one solutions” series. Coming soon!

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