SAP Business One hat meinen Geschäftsalltag hinsichtlich wichtiger Daten über unsere Lagerwirtschaft, Inventar und Verkaufszahlen deutlich verbessert. Auch die Prognose Kennzahlen für unsere Produktion stehen mir jetzt einfacher zur Verfügung.

Eddy Giraud
Management Planning

Extruflex are based in the Hautes-Alpes region of France, and their business centres around the production of rolls of flexible PVC and vinyl via an extrusion process. They have been trading for around fifty years now, but a period of sustained growth since 2002 has seen the company become a small international business. From working out of one facility in France, Extruflex is today a multinational concern with a small group of subsidiaries and branches. However, that success also raised new issues for the company…

As they grew and gradually began operations in seven different countries across the globe, Extruflex faced challenges as each country and subsidiary was operating ‘on an island’… There was no standardisation between the various branches or countries. Implementing and using SAP Business One has allowed Extruflex to meet those challenges and standardise their systems across the board. What’s more, using SAP Business One has also allowed Extruflex to have more precise control over inventory management – giving the company the ability and flexibility to work on a ‘just-in-time’ basis, or order materials in advance and store them. Inventory, sales data and production forecasts are also much easier to access under SAP Business One than they were before.

Take a look at the video testimonial to hear from Extruflex themselves about what SAP Business One and their SAP Partner be one solutions mean to the company, and what the future may hold for all three!


SAP Business One® ist eine der erfolgreichsten ERP-Standardlösungen für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen in den unterschiedlichsten Branchen.

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