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Vicente da Silva
Latam I.T. Manager
LORD Brasil

LORD is a chemicals company based in the United States. However, they also operate in other areas of industry, such as oil & gas, or aerospace. They’re present in many different areas of the globe, and have maintained operations in Brazil for 40 years now. Be one solutions was called in to help LORD’s team in Brazil in a number of ways…

Before partnering with be one solutions, LORD had been using Excel sheets to manage data. However, these sheets contained a number of errors and were stand alone files. LORD wanted to improve accuracy in their data, and should be able to report the information gleaned from it back to clients. To help LORD achieve and exceed these goals, be one solutions provided SAP Business One and an MRP, which work together to answer all of LORD’s needs.

The MRP specifically grants LORD better reporting and control of inventory levels, while SAP Business One provides a high level of integration and real-time communication between LORD’s operations in Brazil and their headquarters in the U.S.. This allows LORD HQ to see what the situation in Brazil is, anytime and at-a-glance. It has also standardized the way data is entered, displayed and printed. All of this has brought real results too, with LORD Brazil noticing better compatibility between the data held on site and that held in the U.S., and many more improvements besides – but you’ll have to watch the video to learn about all of them!


SAP Business One® ist eine der erfolgreichsten ERP-Standardlösungen für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen in den unterschiedlichsten Branchen.

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