Going through digital transformation with be one solutions

How be one solutions will help you get through digital transformation?

be one solutions has seen how digital transformation swept industries by storm. We have rolled-out hundreds of projects across the globe and witnessed how digitalization has increased competitions across all enterprises and fueling customer-centric practices. Manual organization and management can be restrictive when it comes to trying to keep up with changes and adaptations brought about by emerging technologies. Along with changing times and addition of technologies in business, C-levels have to adapt their department practices to match competitors and shift the way their roles are seen from administrative to strategic.

Why handling your business within one customizable ERP solution is the best decision you could make?

Before Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools were democratized, each department of a company were working with their own solution: a paper trail starting from sales, an ordering software for administration and finance, an email to the warehouse… Then Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system made their entrance, not without some issues of their own. Finally, ERP arrived and summed up all these branches dedicated tools into one whole solution, allowing businesses of all sizes to run better. Indeed, ERP fundamentally functions with the aim to integrate and increase productivity. It links department in a way that an order can smoothly go from sales to finance, finance to administration, administration to warehouse, warehouse to customer, within one unique software - not several one, which increase the risks of mistakes. In that sense, SAP solutions are at the top of the curve of the digital transformation.

SAP Business One (SBO) is a complete and customizable ERP application which grant companies to manage their entire business in one place. Managers can track who does what, see all information (with or without restriction depending on settings), analyse data in real time, and enhance their decision making's quality and rapidity. Because every business is different, SBO is designed with flexibility in mind; your employees can start using it from day one. And as your business grows, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet your evolving needs.

By proactively enhancing communication across departments and key contacts, whilst making it easier to access and analyse data, with programmed reports and tracking. SAP Business One promote planning in every sense of the word and enables improved profit tracking as well as automating and presenting general ledgers. By effectively centralizing all of your company's data onto a single platform, it becomes far easier for the company to not adapt to an ERP but use it effectively to enhance overall productivity and efficiency.

How be one solutions helps you personalized your ERP through digital transformation?

It's important at this point to explain exactly what making the change entails. Digitalization does mean changing the framework of your model, but not in a way that incapacitates workers or puts jobs at risk. Rather, digital technologies offer support for any enterprises that has to keep up with a 24-hour schedule every day. In using technology to accurately deal with constant data input, team members can efficiently interpret this data and proactively ensure its best application without being bogged down in tedious tasks.

Make no mistake, SAP Business One is a great ERP solution. Yet, we noticed through the years that some functionality might be better adapted or even added. Using our field knowledge and expertise, we created our own add-ons, allowing us to deliver project perfectly scaled to our customer needs. Let's dig into specifics:

    • SBO doesn't have quality control. Our Lean Manufacturing add-on provides the opportunity to add this step in your processes, while being fully integrated to your ERP. Within this solution, the "Shopfloor" functionality is also a great tool which track the time spent on each task through handheld devices and gives you detailed, paperless recordings.
    • SBO has basic Warehouse Management System (WMS) capacities, allowing manual input. With our exhaustive WMS, each warehouse workers can scan boxes and goods with their handheld device, which is linked to SAP Business One directly. How is this add-on helpful, you may ask? Imagine an expiration date for a series of product was wrongly entered due to a typing mistake. The cost of this error might cost you a lot, not only in money, but also in reputation. With our WMS, no chances are left for human error. It is an efficient process, focused on the automation of delivery.
    • SBO offers order and invoice processing, once they are typed in. What about the time spent imputing orders and / or invoices by your employees? If cutting it by ¼ and reallocating ¾ of their time on more meaningful task seems interesting to you, we have an automation solution, which uses well-established OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and document analysis technologies. These technologies are endorsed and delivered by our recognized partner who is a leader in the Artificial Intelligence sector, and powered by be one solutions' global integration expertise.

Yes, going through digital transformation comes with its lot of challenges. Transitioning entire departments from a model they're familiar with and used to, to something entirely new, requires a high level of adaptability, dedication, and determination. Actively integrating a digital model is often seen as risk-taking actions by most C-levels, and this sense of risk is often the reason why some companies become stunted over time. But with the right partner, you will never feel alone or lost in the process.

What if my company headquarter or other subsidiaries don't run on SAP Business One?

Don't panic, thanks to a very effective middleware developed by SAP, we can integrate SBO without worrying about it matching other ERPs. Indeed, the SAP B1i integration platform make communication possible between SBO and other bigger software, such as SAP ECC, SAP S/4 HANA, … For instance, our customer MAN Energy Solutions had its subsidiaries implemented with SAP Business One while its headquarters were running on SAP ECC. We easily aligned, standardized and integrated operations and master data between those entities thanks to our successful 2-tier ERP strategy - from blueprint, world-spanning rollouts in some 50 countries, to several integration projects.

Even if your business is initially running with another ERP, SAP B1i enables out-of-the-box integration of SAP Business One and SAP ERP. It comes with preconfigured, configurable business integration scenarios (Master Data, Intercompany, Business Warehouse). It is a model-driven, small enterprise integration technology which automatically enters the data in all software, allowing master data integration and control.

Thanks our 2-tier integration expertise, we have been rolling out over 450 sites all around the globe over the past 10 years. We have the right team of experts, the right tools and the experience to help any multinational or large enterprise go through digital transformation, or localize their newest subsidiary.


Succeeding in the current economical and financial climate means capitalizing and investing in resources that can improve your business. By investing in digital technology, you directly invest in your employees. Through removing the more tedious work that employees often get drudged down in and replacing this with high-value, analytical and engaging work, your business directly invests in strategy and adaptability.

As a market leader in SAP Business One rollout, be one solutions advocates digital transformation across all industries. We know the challenges of global enterprises and we help them find solutions that fit within their current ERP or transition them into an ERP that can adapt to their business.


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As a market leader in SAP Business One rollout, be one solutions advocates digital transformation across all industries.

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ERP fundamentally functions with the aim to integrate and increase productivity. [...] In that sense, SAP solutions are at the top of the curve of the digital transformation.

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