The year 2018 in replay by be one solutions

Beating the drum for our powerful products, sophisticated services & solid relationships around the world!

In 2018 be one solutions participated in 8 external events all over the globe. We also kickstarted our very own be one solutions CIO event series. First stop: Singapore. Plus we hosted a number of further internal get-togethers and attended many others throughout Asia, Europe & the Americas.

We had 2 valuable customer testimonials live on stage, one in the US, one in Germany, we presented 7 amazing client success videos and added 10 other great clips to our YouTube channel. In total, we brought you 52 press releases, while feeding our social media channels with tons of additional blurbs in parallel.

Why? Because we love our products, we are proud of our services and cherish the fantastic interactions & great relationships behind all this. Whether it is with our existing clients, potentials, SAP, fellow SAP partners & Solution Service Providers (SSP’s) – we are one big family and it clearly shows. Take a look, here are just a few of many impressions from 2018…


You can count on us as a global, trusted SAP implementation partner. We strive to excel at whatever we lay our hands on and we’ll always keep you in the loop about our world-spanning activities, that’s for sure. And you already know, in 2019 we’ll be doing it again. Just a little bigger and better than before.

Stay tuned, stay safe and Happy New Year everyone!!!

Your be one solutions team.

Beautiful holiday fireworks. Independence Day, 4th of July, Fourth of July or New Year.
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