Olaf Borke joins be one solutions as Regional Manager DACH

Putting further emphasis on Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Our latest addition marks a tremendous step forward, not only in German speaking countries but on a global scale -

we are thrilled to announce that Olaf Borke has joined us as Regional Manager DACH. Bear in mind, it doesn’t happen often that an industry heavyweight like Olaf becomes available, so we gladly embraced this opportunity. This sends a clear message to our existing and potential clients out there: Our people are absolute experts, perfectly trained & tried for years, proven and tru

sted in our industry. It is quite obvious, Olaf will positively impact the Business Development in Germany, Switzerland and Austria right off the bat. At the same time and based on his Large Enterprise (LE) background, he is a vital resource when it comes to our global approach as well. After all, he will work closely with our successful regional managers in the Americas (Mario Candido), EMEA (Arnaud Viviant) and APAC (Olli Kylanpaa) – stay tuned, we are confident you will hear a lot of noise coming from this combination of vast expertise.

Who is Olaf Borke? Well, first of all he is impressive in appearance. Standing a good 6 feet and 8 inches, he comes packed with a great sense of humour and a fine character. He lives in Adendorf (Northern Germany) with his wife and his two sons. Olaf enjoys family time and sports is always a big part of that. As a matter of fact, his favorite thing to do is play Handball, which he played ever since he was 6 years old. He still does and he is also investing a fair amount of extra time into coaching the next generation. Indeed, he learned team spirit from scratch, a fact that translates right into his professional attitude. We will benefit from that from here on out internally, and so will our existing and future customers. By the way, feel free to connect with Olaf on LinkedIn and drop him a line sometime!

Olaf told us: “I am very excited about my new challenges at be one solutions and I feel like there is so many fantastic things in store. You know, I’ve been in IT for over 30 years now. I’ve witnessed all those changes, inventions and developments with hardware, software, network technology and the internet first-hand. I also trust I know the key challenges of many companies these days – no matter if they produce or trade. At the end of the day, my key focus has been international business all along - large, multinational organisations that look for simple but powerful solutions for their subsidiaries around the world.”

When it comes to strategy and focus, Olaf will be working on putting be one solutions on the map in DACH. The goal is clear: We will be one of the top 3 performers in the region within 2020. How do we get there? Well, first and foremost by increasing Sales & Marketing measures to a point where we are fully visible, accepted and respected. One thing is for sure, going forward you will definitely hear about our activities in DACH on our social channels, we will boost the targeting process and we will engage even more with our contacts at SAP. The engine is running, we are kicking into gear – once again, welcome to our global team, Olaf!

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