Lean Manufacturing with SAP

Manufacturing made easy for your business and adaptable to your specific industry!

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Remove the waste from your manufacturing processes

Is your company waste proof? "Waste" contains all these action and step in your process that do not add value to the customer. In other words, waste is any process that the customer does not want to pay for. Transport, inventory, unnecessary movements, people waiting, overproduction, over-processing, defects and unused human talent and ingenuity are a big sign that your business needs to invest in a lean management tool. Now most of say tools are generic and not adapted to a specific industry. be one solutions' Lean Manufacturing SAP Business One add-on is based on a systematic way of eliminating waste and creating flow in the production process. Flexible and compliant to your needs our Lean Manufacturing SAP Business One add-on is the tool you have been waiting for.

The Lean Manufacturing SAP Business One Add-On


Our powerful lean manufacturing SAP add-on takes away the complexity of things. It provides easy access to one of the most vital parts of your business: Manufacturing. We let our experience from many years in the industry influence this development. The Lean Manufacturing SAP add-on is a tool that integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One and expand in a full suite which contains the following add-ons: Lean Manufacturing SAP Add-On Core Files, Lean Manufacturing Terminal, Plant Maintenance & Warehouse Management (WMS).


Our Lean Manufacturing SAP solution, easy for the user and profitable for your operations, gets the job done.

Marketing Analysis Accounting Team Business Meeting Concept



Marketing Analysis Accounting Team Business Meeting Concept

be one solutions is one of the biggest global SAP partners, specializing in successful worldwide blueprints, implementation and support. Our wide experience comes with a wide experience implementing our very own solutions as well as a great variety of other ones which are available on the market.

Our other SAP Business One add-ons


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