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New website, new products & new claim!

Some time ago, we started to invest heavily into Marketing – a move that is following both SAP’s recommendation to their partners, as well as our own findings: Marketing is the new sales! Of course, SAP Business One® is far from being a niche player, the reputation is already there. No need to market, right? Well, you see, we concentrate on a very specific field, which is supplying SAP Business One® to the large enterprise sector. Keep in mind, it is the biggest ones out there that lack something “small but powerful” for their global subsidiaries. And it is exactly those huge brands and multinational organizations that are unaware of SAP Business One® as the perfect link to their HQ’s ERP. That’s exactly why we have decided to boost our Marketing efforts and take it to the next level. As a matter of fact, we are extremely excited to announce that we’ve just reached the latest milestone in our approach:

Ladies & Gents, it’s about time to meet

the all-new be one solutions.com: CLICK HERE!!!

It is the expanding activities and the success of our strategy that dictates the rhythm of the marketing drum. So far it was only SAP Business One®, in late 2018 we announced the addition of SAP S/4HANA to our portfolio. We complimented this move by revising our claim, going from “the global SAP Business One® experts” to “the global SAP experts”. It is shorter, it is widening the scope, just like our ongoing expansion based on increasing trust around the world. Our brand spanking new website is boasting this new, wider promise right on the very top of each page, while embracing our core product SAP Business One®, our world-spanning potential, as well as our new offering around S/4HANA plus our tailored industry solutions.

Many of our frequent readers, followers and friends on social media have witnessed our development path in Marketing. We went from a simple logo design in MS Word to where we stand now – a versatile brand with a widely accepted social media reputation across pretty much all channels. Rest assured, we are not saying we are all the way there yet, however at this stage we feel like we can be very proud of what we have accomplished in only a few years of active Marketing: We are proven leaders in our industry, as well as forerunners when it comes to getting the word out about us and our services on a global scale. No stopping there - the roadmap is packed with multiple & significant actions. We have only started, so stay tuned & meanwhile enjoy our new website plus make sure to check back for weekly updates!

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