Pesticide-free salad in Kuwait - thanks to be one solutions and SAP B1

"As a startup we chose SAP Business One from the beginning, because it is an easy to implement and roll out solution that guaranteed us availability at our first production location in Kuwait."

Dr. Jan-Gerd Frerichs, CTO at &ever | Farmers Cut

&ever is emphasizing the international availability role of their chosen ERP

Agtech (Agricultural Technology)

Indoor Vertical Farming

Hamburg, Germany

&ever SAP Business One Case Study

Challenges and opportunities

Ensuring connectivity in the organisation

  • The startup business looked for a digital, well integrated solution right at the beginning.
  • Important criterium: International availability of the ERP solution as well as usability for the first production location in Kuwait.
  • The legal requirements alone presented a large challenge.

WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Specifically designed for startup and small businesses

  • Through easy implementation, SAP Business One convinced that it could also be carried out with few individuals.
  • As a start-up, &ever developed all processes collaboratively and searched for a solution that preferably makes use of many standard processes.
  • There were very specific challenges associated with the Kuwait location - be one solutions, with their great expertise in global software implementation, offered perfect support and was an ideal partner.
andever SAP Business One Customer Stories
and ever case study SAP Business One


Project smoothly run

  • All business processes could already be defined during the implementation.
  • The goal as a startup was to get production up and running. All company processes are now clearly and transparently designed. They operate problem-free - from planting to selling up to invoicing.
  • Growable solution, which can also be implemented in the future at new locations.

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