We found Business One had the capabilities and we liked the fact they had strong engineers… it was very easy to merge certain things with SAP.

Vince Weisnoski
Manager of Business Processes

German chemical giant BASF is made up of fifty-seven units, some of which are unique, and can solve day-to-day unthought-of problems. BASF is an SAP partner, and initially planned to have all of its divisions and business on one specific business management platform. However, as it became apparent that ‘one size does not fit all’ in this regard, the SAP partner began looking at other solutions for some departments.

One of those alternatives was SAP Business One. BASF wanted to have a new solution up and running within seven months, without undue expense, and chose be one solutions to be their global implementation partner. With our team’s help, BASF were indeed able to deliver on both of those goals – and even though as things stand right now they do not have any integration with the central BASF computer system in place, such integration was planned for during implementation, and should be coming in the not-too-distant future.

The wider vision for the future of BASF involves no immediate plans to expand in the US, but the company is looking at using two-tiered solutions in the future as they offer easier scalability. BASF’s operations in Tanzania are now live, and they are part of a plan to encourage more companies onto two-tiered approaches.

Watch the video to see why be one solutions were a suitable partner for BASF… View why the right project team is crucial to ensuring success and how a change in management and communication played a great role in the achievement of the implementation for be one solutions and BASF.


SAP Business One® is simple, yet powerful. It allows for maximum efficiency of your small & medium global subsidiaries. Think quick implementation cycles based on an out of box approach plus seamless integration scenarios.

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