We needed to have a professional team to help us customize according to our needs. Be one solutions is a suitable partner.

Mr. Henry Wang
Startup Factory

Startup Factory is a business incubator in China. They help foreign-funded enterprises understand the Chinese market and act as a base where those businesses can find their feet in that market. They needed business software that not only focused on finances, but gave them a complete package - including production, sales, purchasing & warehouse management. When they reached a point where their current system wasn’t up to the job, they made the switch to SAP Business One.

However, with around 30 different startups on site, each with their own needs and their own data, Startup Factory needed help to effect the switchover. They called be one solutions to provide that support, and together we were able to let Startup Factory and their tenant businesses take a big step forward.

Probably the most noticeable benefit according to Startup Factory themselves is the effect SAP Business One has had on the recording and reporting of inventory data. With SAP Business One, Startup Factory and its tenants can view accurate data in real time, and only have to do a stock-take once a month - or even once a year - to reconcile the data on the system with the actual items in the warehouse. Of course, this isn’t the only benefit that SAP Business One and be one solutions brought to Startup factory, but to learn about the rest you’ll have to watch the video!


SAP Business One® is simple, yet powerful. It allows for maximum efficiency of your small & medium global subsidiaries. Think quick implementation cycles based on an out of box approach plus seamless integration scenarios.

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