8 Advantages of the ERP system to drive the growth of your company

Using an integrated management platform has been more and more used in the market. This is because the advantages of ERP systems are of great value for organizations in various industries.

In this sense, according to a study by Gartner, there is a prediction that companies will spend around 507 billion dollars on business software in 2020.

Looking at this scenario, ERP is an excellent competitive opportunity. In general, it can be defined as an integrated management system, which allows the entire business to be managed with assertiveness. But, after all, what are the advantages of the ERP system and its real possibilities? Here are 8 benefits about ERP that can make a difference in your organization.

1 – Cost reduction

One of the main advantages of the ERP system, without a doubt, is the costs reduction. Through this software, the company can interconnect all departments, having a global and strategic vision of the company.

With this in mind, the business can carry out an efficient administration of its resources, considerably minimizing waste and avoiding damages.

2 - Flexibility and remote access

The ERP system is implemented according to the specifications of the contracting company. Thus, it can be customized and standardized according to the issues of each organization.

This software model ensures flexibility, allowing proper customizations to each sector, also being possible to remotely access platform.

3 - Information security

Did you know that, according to the Online Trust Alliance, in 2018, around 2 million cyber incidents have been documented?

According to data from the CTIR Gov, in 2019 alone, the federal government has confirmed a little more than 12 thousand incidents. This information shows how necessary it is to invest in security.

One of the advantages of the ERP system is to enable this control in a practical way, being possible to encrypt the data and establish access rules with passwords and users.

Furthermore, depending on the size of the corporation, it is possible to adopt even more emergent protection measures.

4 - Increased productivity and time optimization

With the ERP system, we eliminate much of the manual work, such as general or individual control of spreadsheets or other documents, notes and task management that cover long actions.

On the contrary, only through the platform it is possible to carry out all the administration of activities and demands in a simple way.

This optimizes the time spent in each process, considerably increasing the productivity of the entire team.

Likewise, all the information can be standardized, interconnecting the sectors with efficiency.

5 - Efficient cash flow management

With standardization, increased productivity and reduced costs, the ERP system enables efficient management of the entire cash flow.

The platform develops detailed reports with updated information on any internal or external process, including financial, depending on the need, facilitating decision making.

6 – Stock at the right size

The stock uses to be the “Achilles heel” of any business, as it balances input and output of inputs and guarantees a healthy financial turn. Therefore, when it is not managed in the correct way, it can be harmful to the business.

Therefore, the ERP system offers a complete and assertive stock management, allowing the entrepreneur to know the main products or goods that are detained.

This data enables corrective actions to avoid any type of loss of resources, in addition to guaranteeing that the correct products are always available to the final consumer.

7 - Error detection

As briefly mentioned in the previous topic, one of the advantages of the ERP system is quick detection of errors.

This possibility is suitable not only for the logistics sector, but also for all departments, from operational to administrative ones.

8 - Real-time performance monitoring

Finally, it is possible to monitor the corporation's actions in real time through the ERP system. Depending on inventory updates, for example, the entrepreneur can have access to the available products simultaneously, as well as with the integration with the commercial, displaying the number of customers or sales status.

Have an expert with you to use ERP system in your business

The advantages of the ERP system, in fact, are innumerable. Having a platform for management in your company provides very effective results for it.

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