Business productivity: how can cloud ERP systems improve remote operations and reduces costs?

The quarantine established throughout the world has caused thousands and thousands of companies to adopt remote work in order to ensure productivity and its business continuity.

In this sense, organizations had to adopt tools and solutions to ensure efficiency and agility in the activities of their employees in the home office. Therefore, one of these implemented services is ERP in the cloud.

Given this scenario, we have prepared this content about cloud ERP systems, resource management and remote operation. Have a look:

How cloud ERP ensures business productivity even for remote operations

Remote management

To ensure business productivity in COVID-19 times, an ERP system in the cloud guarantees access from anywhere and from any device connected to the Internet, including mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

In this way, even acting from their homes, managers can manage the entire administration of a business in an agile and efficient way.

Departments integration

Team integration is also part of the benefits of ERP in the cloud. This is because all employees use the system to carry out their activities and perform their tasks.

Therefore, the platform stores data from all sectors of a company and allows employees from different areas to access projects defined by managers.

Unified platform

Integrated management systems also support business productivity by unifying and storing business data and information.

Having quick access to crucial company information in real time is of great importance, since managers can carry out continuous monitoring and redirect the business direction when necessary in an agile and efficient way.

Costs reduction

Another benefit of the integrated management system is better management of your business resources.

Since the implementation of the system, the manager has the total and specific panorama of a sector, if applicable.

Therefore, the system can help identify operational bottlenecks, eliminate them, in addition to reducing failures and consequently reworking, which also results in better cost management for a company.

Remote financial control

Like many other activities, cloud management software enables you to standardize, optimize, and even automate financial management tasks for a business.

In addition, this technology offers real-time metrics and instant reports with the general and specific description of the selected filters.

In this way, managers have complete financial control of their organizations, including working in the home office.

Easy implementation

To achieve desired success, managers know that agility is paramount to business productivity and competitive advantage.

Therefore, the process of implementing the ERP system in the cloud is fast and accessible.

Therefore, institutions do not waste time and put the platform into operation in an agile and practical way.

Count on a solid and reliable company and guarantee business productivity

To ensure business productivity even with employees working in the home office, due to the established quarantine due to the coronavirus, having a cloud ERP platform optimizes all the activities of a company.

Therefore, a solution like SAP Business One Cloud, provided by be one solutions, allows managers to monitor all processes in real time and obtain reports that allow cost reduction.

In addition, an ERP system allows automation of tasks and integration between sectors. In this way, decision making becomes simpler and more effective.

The platform also offers several other features and benefits. See:

  • Easy and affordable implementation
  • Secure browser-based access anywhere, anytime
  • Access to the most up-to-date functionalities without depending on internal IT resources to maintain the solution.
  • Subscription license that avoids capital expenses and offers flexibility in operating expenses
  • Management of the most important business functions in your web browser
  • Instant access for employees who need to view and update data from anywhere
  • Integrated analysis allows making decisions in real time;
  • Comprehensive sales and service functions;
  • Greater productivity of employees outside the offices.

Want to learn more about the benefits of SAP Business One Cloud for business productivity? Talk to our team of experts and have the best cloud ERP platform for your business!

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