6 tips to implement a cloud ERP system in your company

When looking for strategies that allow the company to advance, one path taken by managers is adherence to new technologies. Using a cloud ERP system, for example, can be very useful for companies.

In general, this option consists of joining the integrated management program, ideal for optimizing processes, with digital storage options that save resources.

The advantages of this combination are many. Therefore, we have prepared a complete list. Have a look:

6 tips to implement cloud ERP in your business


Information exchange

By using the ERP system in the cloud, the institution can achieve greater success by sharing information.

By acting in an integrated way, that is, with all the users who can have simultaneous access, the constant forwarding of documents with small updates is avoided, since the files are already available on the Internet.

In the same vein, manual and rework tasks are also minimized, increasing the time available for employees to engage in activities that influence the organization's profits.

Increased productivity

The use of the ERP system in the cloud facilitates the work dynamics of all the sectors of a company.

In this way, this technology allows the automation of processes, as well as fosters interaction between team members and facilitates the realization of projects.


The term scalability is used to define the ability for administrators to increase or decrease the amount of storage used when they want.

In this way, it is possible to save resources, by having a cost related only to the contracted space, and guarantee the necessary agility during the period of growth of the corporation.

Real-time analysis

A positive aspect of working with innovative platforms is the ease of tracking all results in real time.

In this way, administrators can analyze the progress of the organization continuously, with access to accurate reports that allow the definition of strategies with agility.


In an increasingly fast-paced world, every second can be decisive for business success.

Therefore, having integrated management software is essential, since these platforms allow simple access through any device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet, for example, and at the desired time.

Data security

In the world of technology, digital storage services are known to be more secure than physical options, like servers.

This factor is a good differential to be analyzed by decision makers, since data leaks can cause large losses.

6 tips to implement an ERP system in the cloud

Plan all the steps

To have the desired success, it is essential that a complete preparation is carried out, taking into account all the possibilities and needs of the company. In this way, one can be more confident that the implementation process will be effective.

Have a good technical support service

Cloud computing is a solution that can bring various benefits to companies.

However, it must be used with active support, ensuring smooth operation even in situations where there are hacker threats or even server errors.

Research the available tools

Corporation owners should do detailed research when choosing the business management tool.

Therefore, it is possible to find out if the software meets expectations and can help the business to take advantage of financial returns.

Train employees

To make better use of the cloud ERP system, it is important that all employees have a deep understanding of it.

Therefore, it is essential that the training be conducted for the purpose of training all employees, minimizing any chance for errors.

Do not implement the system before organizing the company

A common failure is the search for the implementation of new technologies without the adequate structure to receive said innovation.

In order for the installation of management platforms to meet the defined objectives, it is essential that the company is already minimally organized on solid foundations. If not, the strategy may have no effect.

Have the best business management software

Having platforms to assist in the administration of corporations is essential. In this sense, a great option is SAP Business One, provided by be one solutions.

Easy to install and good usability, this solution helps your business increase productivity and achieve good results.

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