How to control the stock of a growing company

Several entrepreneurs around the world have a common question: how to control the stock of a growing company.

Such concern has a number of explanations. The main one is related to the problems that a disorderly growth can bring, once management can be compromised without a more detailed planning.

It is not uncommon for a facility management to fail and stock management issues start arising. And that can happen due to the surplus - when big quantities of products arrive and this messes the environment - or due to the lack, in situations where the products disappear from the shelves and there is no short-term replacement.

4 tips to understand how to control the stock of a growing company

Keep an updated inventory

One of the most common answers to the question about how to control a company's stock is about having inventory control.

That type of tactic consists in listing each of the products. It facilitates the business owner life because once allows him to save more resources, since he avoids rushing and unnecessary purchases. However, it is essential to say that inventories must be filled out correctly, without errors or misinformation. Furthermore, often verifications must be made so that the report is kept up to date.

Integrate sectors

Each department of the business must be integrated, that is, connected and acting together. Being one of the most important departments regarding inflows and outflows of resources, the inventory staff must have a closer relationship with the financial sector to assure a positive management.

Record everything

Every item that arrives or leaves the inventory must be quickly registered by the company. Everything must be stipulated in the procedural guides and clearly communicated to all officials.

This attitude allows full control over all products, prevents possible oversights in the notes on the spreadsheets, and some damages sometimes.

Think about the layout

This may seem like a minor problem for those who do not know much about the matter, but it is important to think about the layout for the storage space as it is one of the most interesting ways of how to control a company's stock.

With a restructuring in the disposition of each product, it is possible to reduce expenses with electric energy and air conditioning, in addition to reducing the time to find certain products.

Lower stock expenses through SAP Business One

To achieve the objectives and learn how to control the inventory of a growing company, a good way is to have an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning).

The best option on the market is SAP Business One, provided by be one solutions. With this system, it is possible to automate the most critical operations in the business, whether it is the sales, finances, purchases or even stock.

Thus, it is possible to cut costs and increase the productivity of the organization as a whole. Do you want more information about SAP Business OneContact us and sign up for a demo!

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