10 reasons to invest in the internationalization of companies

Large companies have already conquered the national market and to continue growing they need to expand their business to other countries. However, there are organizations that, despite the great potential, are still afraid to invest in the internationalization of companies.

Whether due to ignorance of another country's culture or even stricter laws, some corporations stop this expansion. Therefore, to assist managers in this process, we have prepared 10 reasons to invest in the internationalization of companies.

What is the internationalization of companies?

The internationalization of companies is the process of expanding business to new markets, either with export products or with production on an international scale. Therefore, organizations begin to operate in other countries and to market their products and services.

Although the internationalization of companies is more focused on large companies, nothing prevents medium and even small organizations from betting on this concept.

Why invest in the internationalization of companies?

If you still have doubts about whether it is worth expanding your business, have a look on the reasons why it may be a good and strategical movement for your company.

1. Conquer new markets

Entering new markets guarantees greater profitability, as well as stability, security and solidity for large companies. However, research and planning for expansion to new countries must be extensive and detailed to minimize unforeseen circumstances.

2. Using the experience of other businesses

There are already several Brazilian companies that have successfully ventured into new markets. From this, it is possible to study these cases and replicate them in your company.

It is important to produce strategic planning with all the aspects that involve business. It is also worth including the particularities of each country, such as culture and laws.

3. Diversify the risk of the company

In times of an economic crisis, it is essential to diversify the markets in which large companies operate. Therefore, apprehension with the national market decreases and the company guarantees different sources of income.

Furthermore, expansion to other countries puts pressure on companies to think of innovations to enter new markets and maintain their competitiveness.

4. Reduce the tax burden

By studying the expansion of a brand to new countries, it is possible to negotiate tax costs. Many countries lower taxes to attract new businesses. Therefore, the company can minimize the tax burden and maximize the profitability of its business.

5. Become a global brand

The international market is challenging and demanding. But, despite the difficulties that may arise, the expansion of a company's business increases the credibility of the organization, what helps in the consolidation of a global brand.

Also, products and services are considered superior quality compared to brands that do not operate in other markets and follow only the national standard.

6. Sell at a lower price and take more advantage

At first, it may sound strange. However, a company that increases its production does not increase manufacturing costs, since the greater the purchase of raw materials, the lower the value in the negotiation.

In this way, the final product can be sold at a lower price. And, since the sale has a greater scope, since the company operates in more markets and countries, the profit is also greater.

7. Integrate branches and subsidiaries

For a company to be successful in other markets, it is essential to integrate areas, branches and subsidiaries, in addition to standardizing management and processes. Therefore, it is important to have an ERP system, which provides the unification of all business management.

8. Streamline the internationalization process of companies.

For any expanding company, transactions and integration between units create operational complexity. For this reason, it is essential to have a management system in which all processes are standardized and unified on a single platform.

Therefore, it is possible to minimize this complexity and obtain various benefits, such as:

  • Consolidate the processes of all operations;
  • Generate reports;
  • Provide visibility of the sales performance of each business entity;
  • Streamline purchase transactions between companies.

9. Increase visibility and facilitate decision-making.

The business management system, like SAP Business One, enables you to coordinate operations, increase visibility, and transform decision-making in an economical way.

The software simplifies procedures, such as financial consolidation and purchasing processes between two or more organizations that depend on the platform.

Furthermore, it is possible to use the data generated by the different sectors and processes to monitor the operation as a whole and to support business decisions. What generates more assertiveness and intelligence for the business.

10. Have a business partner for internationalizing your company

There are organizations that try to do the internationalization process on their own. However, the risk is great. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable, specialized company with extensive experience in the market.

Be one solutions has experience in 25 countries and has more than 400 clients. We operate with the implementation of SAP Business One in large organizations and in companies that are expanding to new countries. Among our differentials, we highlight:

  • International coverage with the implementation of SAP Business One (presence in 25 countries, 60 implementations and 400 clients);
  • Knowledge in operations of large clients (large companies);
  • Deployment experience;
  • International coverage for all continents;
  • Experience in localization worldwide;
  • Custom projects according to customer needs.

Contact our professionals and have all the necessary support to help internationalize your company and conquer new markets.

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