Business intelligence: why invest in management technology in such uncertain times?

Business intelligence is essential for businesses of any size and in all industries, especially today with the adversities caused by the coronavirus.

Consequently, according to a 2019 Fortune 500 survey, both large corporations and startups are at risk of disappearing. This survey shows that, in the medium term, up to 90% of new companies cannot sustain themselves in the market.

For this reason, it is essential that companies invest in digital transformation to remain competitive with solutions such as integrated business management technology.

See below the importance of organizations to invest in technology and business intelligence, even in times of great challenges.

Benefits of investing in management technology to ensure business intelligence

Remote deployment and management

Currently, an integrated business management system allows, in addition to a 100% remote implementation, which is excellent in times of social isolation, administration from any device connected to the Internet and from anywhere.

Process automation

Repetitive tasks and manual work can also be standardized and even automated using technology.

Thus, employees gain more time to invest in more strategic business activities, which means higher productivity, efficiency, and consequently business intelligence.

Costs reduction

From the optimization of processes, the possibility of errors and rework decreases and, therefore, reduces the costs of an organization.

Also, since the system is in the cloud, there are no expenses in the acquisition, security and maintenance of physical servers.

Integration of departments

One of the advantages of investing in management technology to obtain business intelligence is the integration of information from all sectors of the corporation on a single platform.

Therefore, it is possible to have data, information and even the history of the company, in addition to monitoring all the metrics for a specific sector or the entire business from the cloud management system.

Real-time management

With a cloud ERP system, it is possible to carry out all the management of a company on a single platform.

In addition, the software also provides reports with important and inherent data to all sectors of the company in an agile and practical way.

Therefore, your organization guarantees efficiency, agility, process automation and, above all, business intelligence.

Have the best cloud ERP solution for your business!

To get all the benefits of a cloud management platform and ensure business intelligence for your business, it is essential to have a solid company with the necessary experience to implement the system 100% remotely.

In this sense, be one solutions offers the best integrated management system in the cloud, SAP Business One Cloud, which can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet, has a remote implementation and provides agile management, optimization of work, processes dynamic and automated, in addition to saving time.

This technology is essential to generate business intelligence and smart money for your business.

Get in touch with our experts and guarantee the best cloud ERP platform for your business!

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